... Long time, no see. If you're an avid reader of my blog, then you will probably have noticed that I've gone a bit quiet on the blogging front - and to be honest, social media in general (except Snapchat, so add me @charlottexmas to see some uncut bits of my life) as there I have had a few realisations and just a change in circumstance.

First things first, I've scrapped my YouTube upload day as well as my blogging schedule. Initially, I was posting every other day on my blog and once a week on my YouTube channel. Due to a particular lifestyle change, it got to a point where I was quickly thinking of an idea for a blog post just to get it up on time, so that I didn't miss a post, however the less carefully curated posts were quite frankly, sh*t and I just wasn't proud of every single post I uploaded. I've decided that I'm really going to live to the whole "quality over quantity" mantra and I'm only going to post as and when I'm genuinely happy to post something that's worth you taking time out of your day to read. I would still like to post at least a couple times a week, so my blog won't be disappearing off the face of the earth! With regards to my YouTube channel, I would like to post at least once a week, but who knows, it could be two, three or even four times a week and on the odd week there may not even be an upload. I know this isn't the best way to grow my blog and YT channel, however I only want to post wholesome content and this will hopefully take the pressure (that I've seem to put on myself) off having to stick to multiple deadlines!

The lifestyle change that has recently happened is that...I've got a new job! Back in February this year, I left my part time job in market research that I had for two and a half years as I just wasn't happy and to tide me over, I worked part time at events which I've done for well over a year now and really enjoy. For some reason, I have a loooong summer - I'm talking from May to mid September (yep, four and a half months off) and my part time job just wasn't cutting it, so I really needed another job. Now, I'm not one for interviews, however it just so happened that the first interview I attended, ended up in me doing a trial shift and then getting the job. If I remember correctly, the position was for a part time post, which I initially wanted as it meant I could still go out with friends and do my blog and YT channel, however I ended up saying that I'd work full time which as you can imagine, doesn't leave much time to catch up on the blog front. I won't be ditching this blog anytime soon, but I just need some time to adjust from working a zero hour contract, to full time - and boy, it's an adjustment!

Do you have any blog post/YouTube video suggestions?! 



Over the past few months, I have really been that interested in purchasing new items on the beauty front, I've definitely been more into fashion and that's what I've been focussing on. Despite this, there are always a few new beauty bits that I need, whether it be repurchases or just new products to try, especially since my blog is still predominantly beauty related. 

I'm such a fan of the Deceim brand, particularly after having tried one of their products under the Niod brand. I recently read about another brand under Deciem called The Ordinary, in which it was praised for producing good quality products at such an affordable price. During one of my ASOS browses, I noticed that they were a stockist for The Ordinary and before I knew it, I had snapped up a handful of products. First up is the Hyaluronic Acid serum which I thought would be perfect for my dehydrated skin. As I also have blemishes, I picked up the Salicylic Acid solution which is supposed to be good at targeting blemishes. I thought I would pick up one of their High Spreadability Fluid Primer to see how well it would fair as a base for my makeup. Last but not least from The Ordinary is the Vitamin C Suspension is a another serum which is meant to help to brighten and protect the skin.

Boots had the best offer I've ever seen when it comes to Real Techniques makeup brushes - Buy one get one free! I was in such shock that I just picked up another Expert Face Brush as well as the Expert Eye Brush, which I had never seen before, but it will be perfect for concealer, either to apply concealer or set it with a powder. 

It's no secret that Pixi is one of my favourite skincare brands, and I been absolutely obsessed with the Rose Oil Blend. It's so nice applying this to my skin in the morning and evening and it feels like a real treat every time I use it. I used to have such bad connotations with face oils, but this one definitely exceeded my expectations and I've repurchased it two or three times already as it's an absolutely staple in my skincare routine. 

L'Oreal have released so many new facial cleansers recently, so I thought I would buy a couple of them and give them a go. Since I already have the Detox Face Mask, I picked up the corresponding Detox Face Wash to see if by using a couple products from the same range in conjunction with each other will get the results they claim. The other cleanser that I picked up from L'Oreal is the Fine Flowers Cleansing Wash as I wanted to try another cleanser from a different range within L'Oreal.

There were a few repurchases I had to make,the first was my beloved E45 Cream. I've tried so many moisturisers over the years and this is the only one that has really helped with my dry skin. It's not the most glamorous or luxurious product, but it works. Another repurchase I made was of Sudocrem, mainly due to the fact that it was in a cute little tube and I thought it would be great for travelling with. I also repurchased the Nivea Micellar Wipes which are my absolute favourite makeup wipes as they're so good at removing makeup gently and quickly. The last repurchase I made was the John Freida Frizz Ease Hair Serum which I first used when I was on holiday in Malia last year and despite all the sea water and chlorine that went in my hair, it helped keeping my hair soft and somewhat tamed and presentable.

What beauty bits have you purchased lately?



No matter how many clothes I seem to purchase, there always appears to be gaps that need to be filled or items that I would like to replace. In light of this, I had a little rummage through my wardrobe and drawers and I finally have a concise list of items that I need to buy to complete my capsule wardrobe. My style is very simple and basic, which I like as it keeps it classic and timeless. I like pieces that go with pretty much everything, yet still leaves me a little room to deviate and experiment with items outside of my comfort zone!


Leather jackets are an all year round classic and I honestly believe that everyone should have at least one in their wardrobe. I actually already own a leather jacket, but it's not your typical leather jacket as it doesn't have a collar which somewhat restricts that I can wear it with, so having a leather jacket that sits well with a nice collar is next up. Another jacket that my wardrobe needs is a classic denim jacket. Again this is something that I actually already have in my wardrobe, but having had it for a few years, I'm not longer a fan of the wash of denim that it is. I'm really into a mid wash oversized denim jacket.

Onto actual tops, I need more frilly tops and blouses. There's something treat feels very spring-y about a nice blouse. They can be worn with a pair of jeans and a blazer or even a skirt. Also on the top front I love oversized shirts. They add a more casual touch to a typically formal piece of attire. 


I have literally been wearing like 3 pairs of jeans on rotation. I am in dyer need of a new pair of jeans that fit me well without going baggy after two wears. My wardrobe really needs a few new additions in the denim department. I'm so particular with the wash and fit of denim - I like a mid wash denim, that fits well around my waist, has a nice skin tight fit, with a bit of stretch for comfort, that hugs my ankles at the same time. I've been quite loyal to Newlook jeans, but I think it's time to venture back into Topshop jeans. 


There is one dress in particular that I feel like I'm missing from my wardrobe and that's a simple white shirt dress. There are so many ways that you can style a classic shirt dress, whether it's pairing it with a colourful crossbody bag, a pair of metallic sandals, wedges for a nice spring/summer evening or converses for an everyday outfit. 


You can never have too many shoes (although my mum begs to differ) and there's always a gap in the shoedrobe. I'm currently obsessed with beige trainers at the moment and two that I've been eyeing up are the Nike Presto and Old Skool Vans, which are already two styles of trainers that I own and love. I think beige is just a nice alternative to black or white, yet still has a neutral element. In keeping with the Old Skool Vans, the suede pink Vans are definitely missing within my shoe collection for a muted pop of colour. The final pair of trainers, that aren't necessarily creating a void in my shoe collection, but I kind of just want are the Nike Flyknit Racers.

Gucci loafers are very much on trend at the moment although I'm not prepared to spend a few hundred pounds on a pair of shoes that I may not end up liking in the next few months (I'd rather buy a bag). Ego Official have the best Gucci dupes I've seen so far, and I think a pair of loafers would look great with a nice oversized shirt and skinny jeans. Another pair of marmite shoe is mules. I'm currently on the hunt for the perfect pair of simple mules that I can just wear with absolutely everything. 


There are a couple styles of bags that would really help fill some gaps within my bags, the first being a cross body bag. I find it so difficult to find the perfect bag that is big enough to fit my necessities, but at the same time has a long enough strap to sit at the part of my body that I like. The other type of bag that I'm still on the hunt for is a medium sized slouchy bag that I can use on a daily basis, that will fit my iPad mini and vlogging camera etc. without being a huge bag that just weighs me down.  Finally on the accessories front is a pair of aviator sunglasses. These are one of my favourite styles of sunglasses, yet again, I find it really difficult finding ones that are in proportion to my face. 

Are there any gaps in your wardrobe/closet?!



Nowadays, I tend to watch YouTube, probably more than I do, TV. I could literally spend hours upon hours just watching endless amounts of videos. I feel like I’ve done a complete 360 when it comes to the content I watch on YouTube. When I first started watching YouTube all those years ago, I only really watched music videos, which then led to comedy such as Marcus Butler and then I must’ve watched a collaboration he did with Zoella and then of course Zoe filmed videos with Louise (A.K.A SprinkleOfGlitter), which then got me into beauty videos. I’m now somewhat back to where I started and I’m back to watching comedy videos and I’m currently obsessed with lifestyle vlogs!

Jack MaynardI’ve only recently discovered Jack’s channel, but if you watch my vlogs, you’ll know that I’m absolutely obsessed with it. Like most people, I really like his challenges and sibling videos. I also love watching his vlogs on his second channel, Jack Maynard Vlogs to the point where I was even watching his vlogmas May.

Mikey Pearce | I found Mikey's YouTube channel, through some of Jack's videos. Mikey is just really funny, particularly when he has to do a food forfeit or challenge. 

Sofa Sundays | This is one of my current favourite channels on YouTube at the moment. Although it’s primarily about football, I still find it hugely entertaining – and I’m subconsciously learning more about football whilst I watch them. Their challenges and forfeits are just so funny and I could honestly watch them for hours. I may or may not have re-watched a fair few of their videos too as they never fail to make me laugh!

William Singe | I don't tend to continuously listen to many independent artists on YouTube to the point where I'd subscribe to their channel, however William's remixes and mashups are a little more upbeat and he really put's his spin on it!

BK ChatLondon | BK Chat is a somewhat web-series where there are two panels, one consisting of girls and the other of boys and each week they discuss and to some extent debate on a question. It's become quite a diverse platform, which is made up of people from different backgrounds and religions etc., and it's really interesting to see the difference of opinions.

Nella Rose | Nella's channel is quite similar to BK Chat, in the sense that she films with a group of her friends at university in Leicester and they answer questions and discuss different topics. Again, it's nice to see different mindsets and being a girl, I like to know how boys in my age group feel and react towards different things. I imagine it's also nice for boys to know what girls some girls think about particular issues too.

Louise Pentland | I'm sure this lady is most probably already in your subscription box, but if she isn't, subscribe now! I've really been enjoying both her main channel, Sprinkle of Glitter and her second channel Sprinkle ofChatter. I love how she's made her main channel less child-based and more adult-y. In regards to Louise's second channel, I've really been enjoying her vlogs and part of her moving process!

BroganTateXO | I absolutely adore Brogan's weekly vlogs. I find Brogan so raw and therefore relatable and that's personally what I look for in a good vlog. I'm aware there's a fine line between being uncut and sharing too much, but I think that Brogan really balances it out and shows some of her down days and it's nice knowing that if someone else has come out the other end, that I can too. When Brogan was balancing three jobs - two of which she didn't particularly see as a career path, but rather a stopgap, it really pushed me to go to my job (at the time) which I couldn't stand.

EmmasRectangle | This is actually a new channel to my subscription box. I mainly watch Emma’s videos for her different and creative makeup tutorials, however I also love watching her vlogs too, as she seems so nice and down to earth!

ForeignSimmer | About five years ago, I was literally so obsessed with playing Sims. I love being able to make lots of families and stuff, but in doing so, I ended up putting my actual life on hold (probably sounds more dramatic than it is). Anyway, as I don’t have much time to actually play Sims myself, I like to watch Foreign Simmer as she already has storylines and scenarios set out, as well as amazing homes and outfits filled with lots of custom content, so I get the enjoyment of Sims without spending hours and hours actually playing it myself.

The Real | The most recent TV show that I have added to my subscription list is The Real, which is a US talk show starring Adrienne Houghton, Tamera Housley, Loni Love and Jeanie Mai. Unfortunately, this show isn’t available in the UK, so watching a few clips on YouTube is the only way that I get to enjoy parts of the show!

Loose Women | I’ve actually been watching Loose Women for quite a while now, I used to think it was aimed at middle-aged women, but having watched it, it’s not. I’m 19 and I love it! They tend to discuss current topics, politics, family life and sex etc. but in an easy and lighthearted manner. I subscribe to the Loose Women channel, as I don’t always get the chance to watch the entire show.

WendyWilliams | I tend to only watch the Wendy Williams Show for Hot Topics, which is where you find out what's going on in celeb culture. For the most part, I don't really care about what's going on in celebrities' lives, but 20 minutes of hot topics in the morning are one of my guilty pleasures!

What are your favourite YouTube channels?



Another week, another vlog. I’m actually really enjoying this vlogging sitch’, and if it wasn’t for how uneventful and repetitive my life was, I would vlog on a daily basis. My vlogs don't really have any rhyme or reason at the moment as I'm not doing a great deal except trying to finalise a few things, but hold on tight as my summer vlogs should be a lot more interesting! In this vlog, you can come and run errands with me, involving a little food shop, blogging, a post office stop and a much-needed car wash. I talk about Frosties cereal, my nose, dodge vipers and touch upon the huge scar on my leg. Over the past few months, I feel like I've really mastered the art of running errands and getting stuff done properly and efficiently and here are some tips!


1. Write a list – Therefore you can prioritize your tasks, know exactly what needs to be done and feel accomplished when you tick them off your list.

2. Do it by yourself – I don’t know about you, but it always takes me twice as long getting things done when I’m with friends.

3. Turn the TV off – Or YouTube video. Instead listen to music or the radio so you don’t get tempted to sit down and watch something for hours.

4. Reward yourself – Once I had a lot of uni work to do and I didn’t think I was going to complete it, but I did and I bought myself a Filofax!

5. Stop Procrastinating – This is probably the hardest thing, but once you overcome it, you can literally do anything.