Review // MUA Heaven and Earth Eyeshadow Palette

Hello everyone! I hope your all having a splendid day. I'm currently in bed as I'm having a duvet day and loving it before I go back to school tomorrow and have to stress out again. The reason why I bought this palette, is because I wanted an inexpensive neutral palette and I love my neutrals!

This Make Up Academy eyeshadow palette is an amazing and affordable purchase for the type of person who is looking to save money, however still wants to look great and glowing. This MUA palette is so inexpensive with an RRP of £4 for 12 shades. The shades within the 'Heaven and Earth' palette are neutral, yet can still be mixed to make lighter or darker shades extremely easily. This palette can also be used for a smoky eye and gives a flawless look when mixed with other MUA products as well as other brands such as Calvin Klein. Unlike other applicators that are usually supplied, the applicator provided with this product is very soft and gentle on the skin leaving a smooth and precise finish.
 The only downside to this product, is the fact that as it is a cheaper product, there is the usual  amount of fallout, however it's nothing to worry about, just tap your brush and it's fine and have a clear-up job after.

As you can see this palette looks very professional and expensive but without the price tag! I have recommended this item to many people and I extremely recommend it to you!!

Overall, I would rate this product 8/10

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  1. I've tried the undress me too and the glamour nights palette (and reviewed them) and I've loved both! Love their palettes.


  2. i heard that this is a really good dupe for UD naked palette :) im very happy you have one, would like to have one someday too :D

    1. I heard that too after I purchased it! You should definitely buy it! Its a must have!

      Charlotte xo