Beauty Wishes!

Hi everyone, I hope you've all had a great weekend and a relaxed week off if you were off for half term. I don't know about you, but there is always something beauty-wise that I've got my beady eyes on. I've not done a wishlist type of post before but I really enjoy reading them. I thought I'd show you a few items of the things I'd like to get my greedy hands on!

I've been after this starter kit for a while, I've just never picked it up while in boots as I'm very rarely in that section...always the makeup isles! I feel like I  need this item because I'm really getting into spending more money on brushes as I believe that the finish is much better since I recently purchased the MAC 217(post coming soon!).
If you know me (which most of you don't) you'll know that I love nail varnishes, especially my pinks, reds and corals. I recently informed my friend that I had over 50 nail varnishes, however I believe you can never have enough nail varnishes and I need these Chanel nail varnishes...maybe as a little treat to myself eh?
I don't own many face products within my makeup collection and I think it's about time that I started, starting with this transparent powder. I'm the type of person sometimes has a shiny face and this could be the answer to all my problems (shiny-wise anyway).
Like I said above, I don't own many face products, however I do get a decent amount of testers, I like to try out various foundations however I need a nice brush to thoroughly see if I like it, then it's a good enough excuse for me to buy the full size foundation. 
I'm not like some people who have an obscene amount of perfume, I only have about 7 in my collection, which in my opinion is not that many. I have been eying up this perfume for a good year or so, I just haven't loosened the purse strings to allow me to buy it. Hopefully I'll have this beauty soon.
I am slowly but surely building up my lipgloss and lipstick collection. I'm a great fan of sheer lipglosses and lipsticks. I'm a bit scared to try highly pigmented colours, however maybe this luscious lipgloss will get me in the loop!
7. Rimmel London Scandaleyes (Bulletproof Beige, Bad Bronze)
If you have seen my makeup collection, you'll know that my biggest weakness when it comes to makeup is eyeshadows. I have heard so much about these in the blogging world and would love to jump on the band wagon. I have tried the Elf Jumbo shadow sticks, so maybe when I get my hands on these, I can do a comparison post.

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