The night before I went to Paris, I was raiding the AppStore looking for different apps for my 5 hour all round trip to France. Whilst on my hunt, I came across a useful app that could benefit us all! If you're like me and you like putting ideas together or writing whilst on commute, the BlogGo app is your best friend. This app allows me to connect with my blogger account, enabling me to write blog posts, check my comments and view the blogs I follow to read any posts that they may have published.
This app came in very handy when I was in Paris as it meant that I could take pictures and automatically include them in a post. Once I had finished the post, I could then schedule when I want it to publish. In fact as I'm writing this. I am writing this on the way back from Paris as there is no need for wi-fi! What more could you want? It has everything that blogger has, but in the form of an app. I personally sometimes find Blogger harder to navigate on an iPad and I can only imagine what it's like on an iPhone. The only downside to this app it is not free, however I feel that it's a reasonable price as it's less than £2!! Here are  some photos of the app itself..
I hope you enjoyed this post, I highly recommend you purchase this app if it's the last thing you do! I thoroughly enjoy using this and I think you would too!


  1. Everyone is going to Paris lately. I need to hide in someone's suitcase ;)

  2. This looks great, so tempted to get it!

    Glad I found your blog, now following you :)