The 'Oft Neglected'

Hi everyone! Most of the time we tend to forget about the makeup we own that gets left at the bottom of the pile and there is where they tend to stay - out of sight out of mind. With the constant purchases of new products, which seem to get used the most...for the time being until it happens to them and it becomes a vicious circle of  bronzers, eyeshadows and lipsticks etc. This is exactly what has happened to the following products.
Colourworks 'neutral' quad - When I first started my makeup collection, this was one of the first too appear and in the beginning I used it all the time but then I started getting into MAC and well that was the end of that.

Kiko Lipstick - Just like the colourworks quad, this lipstick was one of the first lipsticks I've owned and once again I loved it until I bought my next purchase of the Rimmel London Moisture Renew.

Revlon Colourburst Lipgloss - As you can probably tell this lipgloss has been much loved as it was clear at one stage. I do still love this product, however I think I should repurchase this since this one has been used to the brink.

Benefit Eye Liner - I used to be in love with this liner...the days when I didn't know that Benefit was a high end makeup brand (how embarrassing). I honestly used to love it until I used it so much that it went blunt and I have yet to purchase a sharpener for larger pencils to sharpen it. I normally just purchase another eyeliner to be honest.

Illamasqua Eye Liner - When I first purchased this eye liner, I was all over it until something else came out that took my attention and that something was more and easier to wear than a mauve pink

I hope you enjoyed this edit. I promise you guys that I will 'shop my stash' and use the products that I have neglected.
What have you guys neglected in your makeup collection recently?


  1. I have that benifit bad gal eyeliner too and have the exact same problem of it being blunt and not finding a large enough sharper. Such a shame when its such a nice liner.
    Lovely blog by the way!
    x x x x x

  2. I really like this post and have to admit I tend to leave thick eyeliners lying around when they get blunt too lol, xoxo.