Battle of the Brows

As I mentioned in my Makeup Starter Kit, I've only started filling in my eyebrows earlier on this year. I think filling in my eyebrows gives me some leeway when my eyebrows need a good 'ol shape&tidy! I've accumulated a few eyebrow products throughout the year and have some firm favourites for the perfect brows!

The Powder: Powder is one of the easiest ways to fill in eyebrows as they give quite a bit of leeway and can be forgiving at the same time. Powders give a nice and natural elegance too. My first powder is The Body Shop Brow&Liner Kit. It's easy to do your brows with and there are 3 different kits to get the perfect shade for you. Shade 03 happens to be a great kit for a smokey eye too!

The All-in-One Kit: The most efficient eyebrow kit I have come across is the Beauty UK High Brow kit. From the time I got my hands on it, I knew it would be the best all-rounder product! The kit contains three different shades of powder, a brow wax to set your brows in place, tweezers for just in case you're on the go! and also a double-ended brow brush! And all for £3.99! The only thing it could do with is a mirror, but I'll let that one slide.

The Pen: I've never considered using pen for my brows prior to seeing Sammi(Beauty Crush) use a pen to outline the bottom of her brows. I think it can be quite a cool, yet daunting concept for some (myself included). I tried filling in my brows with the Barry M Eyebrow Marker as I would with a pencil/powder, however that failed miserably! It's more for outlining your brows and then going in with either a powder or a pencil for the rest.

The Pencil: A lot of people seem to go for what I think is the simplest option which is a pencil. There are a lot of high end eyebrow pencils however the high street/drugstore have a good range too. The Beauty UK Simply Define Eyebrow pencil is a great option because it's not too soft so that you won't apply too much product and it won't wear off throughout the day.

The Tweezers: There are many tweezers out there from a lot of different brands and the ones that remain a firm favourite of mine are the Tweezerman tweezers. They are ridiculously sharp and get every annoying little hair out too. These are not cheap however there are different price ranges depending on which size you get and whether it is limited edition. The fact they come in a cute little case/holder is great too. These will last a long time too, longer than your bog standard tweezers.

The Set: I personally always set my brows because the thought of them moving out of place, quite frankly annoys me. There are many good brow sets out there that don't cost an arm and a leg that do the same job. I've always used the Body Shop Brow&Lash gel just because it lasts a really long time and at the time I purchased it, that's all I ever knew regarding brow sets.

What do you use on your brows?

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  1. I've tried pencils and pens etc but I've fallen in love with Benefit's 'Brow Zings'. It's a great little set with powder, wax, the brushes you'd need and mini tweezers! I've recently bought Maybelline's 'brow drama sculpting gel' to try out too! x