Glitter, Glitter and More Glitter

I'm your typical girl who absolutely loves makeup, fashion and all in between. I love nail polishes, nail art and I'm always on Instagram looking up cool new nail designs! One of the things I have always loved having on my nails is glitter; I think it looks so pretty and unique. I usually stick to silver glitter polish on my accent nail however a few weeks ago, I was having a clearout of my nail polishes and I remembered that I have some actual glitter for nails too!

I love Models Own nail polishes, especially their glitter polishes since they are easy to apply and more or less, easy to remove. There are a lot of different glitter polishes that Models Own Provide, however the three that I own are Silver Fox, Pink Fizz and Hot Stuff. Silver fox is the typical silver glitter that a lot of girls seem to go for, it's very opaque in two coats and looks gorgeous! Pink Fizz is the same as Silver Fox except for it's in pink (obviously)...same level of opacity though. Hot stuff is like a party on your nails and that's all I have to say about that one.

The rediscovery I made was my Art Deco nail glitters that I got in a set for my 12th Birthday which came with other nail related things. There are four different coloured glitters; Silver, Gold, Purple and Blue. I had never tried them before because they seemed like they'd make a mess. Regardless of this little headache, the glitters look so great on. However they need a top coat over them so that they last longer and the glitter doesn't go everywhere!


  1. Love love love all these colours, especially the peachy pink!
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