Lacking in Opacity

If you read my Slightly Sheer post, you'll know that when I first started out in makeup, I was a sucker for sheer lipsticks as they were more wearable and I was scared to wear really pigmented lipstick due to fear of looking like a clown. In that post, I share with you some of my favourite sheer lippies and this post is kind of a follow up of that showing you some more of my favourite lipsticks that are more recent-ish.

The Beautiful: The lipstick with the most beautiful packing by far from this selection is the YSL Rouge Volupte Shine lipstick which is slightly less pigmented than the Rouge Volupte Shine range. This lipstick is a pretty sheer shade of red and looks great whether it being in the morning of the evening. 

The Nude: The only nude amongst these is the Kiko 801 'Latte' which is a lovely glazed, dark nude shade. This is another shade you can where at any time of the day without it looking understated or unsophisticated. This is such an affordable one too at around the £3-4 mark!

The Surprise: The Maybelline ColorSensational Popstick in Pink Lollipop '30' is a surprise because when you first apply the lipstick, you don't think much of it, however within a few seconds the lipstick gradually gets more pinker, however is still very sheer and because of the opacity of this lipstick; looks great with a skin tones.

The Mistake: I'm sure you're all wondering why I have called the Maybelline Color Whispers lipstick in Who Wore it Red a mistake. By no means did I get this shade by accident; When I asked my mum's friend to get it for me, I thought it would be red as the shade colour (on the website) and the name suggests, however it's a lovely reddy-pinky shade instead. This is probably the most pigmented lipstick out of all of these however it's very versatile in the sense that you can go either way with this.

The Vibrant One: The Bourjois Shine Edition lipstick in Rouge Making Of '21' is the virbant one because it's a light red shade. If this lipstick was more pigmented, I wouldn't be able to wear it because then I really would look like a clown, but because it's so sheer looks just right! 

I hope you enjoyed this post!

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