Monthly Favourites // October

Can you believe how fast the year is going? Before we know it, it'll be Christmas and the beginning of the New Year, but lets get through my favourites of October first! October for me has been a month where I've been buying Autumn/Winter Essentials since the weather and season has changed, so I haven't purchased many beauty products this month and it's kind of been a month rediscovering products that I already owned which is good in itself! Anyway, onto what I have been loving in the month of October...

Due to the drastic change in weather, my skin has been really bad recently, so bad that I've been having to exfoliate it more than usual (which is bad for my skin). When I have been exfoliating, I've been using this face buffer from the Body Shop instead of my fingers and my skin is automatically a lot smoother and it doesn't need a lot of effort and the facial buffer does all the work for you. This is a really could paired with the Microdermabrasion (also from the Body Shop).
Autumn weather/season needs an autumnal smokey eye too, it doesn't just stop at the lips! The colour 'celebrate' from this palette (deep purple) paired with a pretty gold has been my latest new venture! It's so pretty mixed with other purples too! The right hand side of this palette is very Autumn/Winter related too which is great for this time of year!
Recently, I've been ditching my L'Oreal Liner for this MUA one, I've found that it's small nib/wand is great for really thin liner since I've also been sporting the 'natural/no makeup' eye too this month...quite a fair bit. It has really black pigmentation and is easy to get to the lash line to make your lash line appear thicker and fuller.
I often find myself scrolling on some blogs and I happened to come across a navy nail polish post and rekindled my love with navy nail polish and ever since I've been rocking the very shiny navy nails! I think they look so elegant and sophisticated and are great for this time of year because they're such a deep, dark blue with a hint of shimmer! I'm currently eyeing up Essie's Midnight Cami too!
I've never really been one for concealer, until I picked this up in a 3for2 offer in Boots recently and I thought I'd give it a go, regardless of the fact that it is a tad too light for me; but with a bit of blending, I'm good to go! The pigmentation of this concealer is crazy so you don't need much, the coverage is good and there's no creasing either!
If you read my review of the Maybelline Color Whispers, you'll know that I recently got a few shades! This month I've been going out to dinner, more than usual and I can honestly say, every time I've gone out to dinner, this has been on my lips. This lip product is great if you're having a long day at work or going out to breakfast/lunch/dinner because they don't get everywhere and are easy to apply since you don't need a mirror!

What have you been loving through October?