Review // MUA Matte Lipstick

Hi everyone, if you read my Seven Deadly Sins tag, you'll know that MUA is the brand in which I have the most products from. I really like MUA and they have some really amazing products such as they're affordable palettes. Believe it or not, I've never tried any of their lip products! When I found out that they were releasing a cool new matte range, I was all for it, however they were ridiculously hard to get hold of. I looked in multiple Superdrug's in and around London. One day after school I was going for a cheeky mooch in Superdrug to pick up a few things and voila...I found them!

As you probably all know, I have a profound obsession with red lipsticks and so Scarlet Siren was the best shade for me out of the 5 shades available. The packaging is plastic, like the other MUA lipsticks, except in a white canister instead of black. When I got home and had a little play, I discovered something too...There is a little cute pot at the bottom too with yet again, more product in it! I thought this was cool because if you're going to apply it with a brush, you can just unscrew the bottom and you're good to go!

The product itself is not very pigmented, but it is build-able. My first impressions of this lipstick was that it appeared very drying, but having tested it out again, I can safely say that it's not and it's more...satiny! It's not like some other lipsticks in the fact that it's very easy to remove and the lasting time is relatively good too.

Overall, it's a very good, inexpensive (at £1) lipstick that has decent pigmentation. I would purchase more from this range is there were more colours that were...'me'. I'm intrigued to try something from the normal range though!

Have you tried any MUA lipsticks? 


  1. For the money these are great lipsticks, can't really complain! Love how pigmented they look as well.

    Belle x
    Mascara & Maltesers

  2. Gorgeous lipstick shade just love it <3


    1. I'm definitely going to try some more x