Merry Christmas!

You must be living under a rock to not know that it's Christmas tomorrow; that means all the presents have been bought and wrapped topped of with some pretty ribbon and string. All of the i's have been dotted and all of the t's have been crossed on the labels and I'm all ready for the big day! 
I'm one of those people that goes out for an entire day and then gets home, makes a lovely hot chocolate and then get stuck into the lengthy job of wrapping up all the pressies! So on Friday, I went shopping, credit card in tow to shop 'til I dropped...literally. It resulted in my arms aching thanks to the amount of heavy bags on my arms and a load of brown wrapping paper, labels, ribbons, bows and string thanks to John Lewis, Wilkinsons and Next. I've always loved the whole old school brown paper with red twine, however I couldn't find any so ribbon and string had to do. To give it an extra touch of oldness, I even wrote the cards and labels in a fountain pen...woo me!

After writing this, I'm now going to go and finish packing and painting my nails to then get ready to go to midnight mass. Last but by no means least, I want to wish you all a lovely Christmas and a happy new year; enjoy it with your loved ones...Remember it only comes once a year and I'll be back on your computers with more posts soon after!

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