Paris Take 2 // Christmas in Paris

Paris, France
If you read my previous Paris Haul &  Review, you'll know that I booked another trip to go to Paris in December; this time, I went with my mum, Nan and aunty for a post/belated birthday dinner since I spent my actual birthday evening going for a meal with friends. This time round, we didn't go for much site seeing, as my mum and I did that last time round, however we revisited the Sacre Coeur for my Nan and revisited the Love Lock Bridge, because it's one of my favourite locations in Paris. We also went into the Galeries La Fayette to have a look at what was in store, and they had diptyque and Jo Malone and I gave a few hints to my mum! Galeries La Fayette, is very much like Selfridges or Harrods but a French version. We also went back to the Champs Elysees which was way too packed for my liking, similar to Oxford Street, but busier! We aslo had lunch and passed so many picturesque streets! When I was exporting these pictures onto my laptop, there was an overwhelming 170 photos taken in just one day, so I thought I'd narrow it down and only show you a handful..or five. 
Have you been to Paris or France?


  1. Paris is my dream! It is so beautiful and my heart just flutters every time I see a picture of Paris... I will get there one day I hope!

  2. Paris looks beautiful!