Hello everyone and Happy BlogDay! If you haven’t already guessed, today marks one year of blogging; this exact day last year, I sat down in my room and created a blog. Little did I know how much I would enjoy it and how much it would impact on my life. This year has flown by so quickly and quite a lot has happened in regards to my blog. When I started my blog, I just thought it would be an opportunity to voice my opinion on certain products to a greater audience, worldwide;
I didn’t know how many amazing opportunities it would bring and how much it would impact my life as I’ve been invited to events, sent PR samples, written for other bloggers and gained many followers. I really didn’t know that it would impact on my everyday life, as I’m always thinking about new and interesting things to write, that haven’t been done before to bring fresh and relevant content to you.

As well as expanding my knowledge of beauty products, my makeup collection has considerably expanded too, which I’m in no way complaining about (but my bank balance is). Prior to blogging, I didn’t even know what HTMLS were, never mind how to decipher them. I’m definitely going to continue blogging, should you all continue to enjoy reading what I love to write about.

>One of the goals for my blog is to reach, 1000 followers (on BlogLovin’ and GFC altogether) by the end of 2014 and to interact with you all as well, I’m always keen on replying to your comments as you take the time out of your day to do so (even if you aren't notified, so pop back within a day or so to check my reply!). So to achieve my goal of 1000 followers, give my blog a follow if you enjoy it as you’re all very vital in helping me to achieve this!

>If you read my 2013 favourites, you’ll have seen that I only included 2 bloggers, and during this year, I want to read more blogs that I enjoy, so pop your links in the comments section below, so I can have a cheeky nose at your blog and if I like it, you could potentially be featured in my 2014 favourites (thinking ahead!).


  1. Happy blog birthday! I hit mine in March :)




  2. Happy blog birthday!


  3. Happy Blog Birthday!!! :) love reading your blog x

  4. Happy BlogDay! :D I haven't been blogging very long really but I'm really enjoying it, it's nice to look forward to planning out and writing posts (:


  5. Happy 1 Year Blog Anniversary!! Hope 2014 continues on being a great year for you!! :)