When it comes to lip balms, I'm all over them; I'm always trying to find the perfect one for different scenarios. Whether it be an extremely hydrating and non-scented clear lip balm or a lovely pigmented tinted lip balm for those lazy days that we all have at some point. As you can probably tell, I'm somewhat a lip balm fiend. I can promise you I don't have an obsession with lip balms (that'd be weird) I just think that it's an important essential to carry around with you in your bag and with regards to that, it needs to do what it says on the tin (or tube) and be very hydrating regardless of the scenarios.

Sweet Violet*, Caramel Daisy*, Blush Orchid* - RRP £5.99 each | LINK
I've never dabbled in Burt's Bees products before, for what reason I don't know and so when I received a package of some Burt's Bees products, I was excited to see that there were some of the infamous Burt's Bees lip balms which have received a lot of love over the years. From what I can gather about these lip balms, they're 100% natural, so great for vegans and they "give you a hint of colour with a soft, sweet flavor and natural ingredients that moisturize and condition your lips". On first impressions, these seemed like they'd be a good lip balm with a hint of colour.

Blush Orchid is a pretty pale pink shade which is barely noticeable, but definitely buildable which amplifies the pigmentation and appearance. It's great for those days when you only want something natural on. For something slightly more pigmented and darker in shade; Sweet Violet is a great option as it's a pretty plummy/pomegranate shade, perfect for Autumn/Winter, although it's great for Spring/Summer too as it's looks like a pretty sorbet pink shade too when left relatively sheer, but very gorgeous on. If you like to dabble in nudes, however love a good sheer tint too, Caramel Daisy is your best bet as it's a pretty nude, however it isn't restricting depending on your skin tone, as it looks great on all different skin types. As this is a tinted lip balm, this is not very pigmented, however it looks lovely on.

Overall, I really like these tinted lip balms as it means that you can still have a nice tint on your lips however it doesn't have to be over the top or 'too dressed up' if your going to your local corner shop. I love how these products are very versatile as you can determine how much pigmentation you want on your lips. The colour range is great too, a colour for all (more shades can be found on the Burt's Bees website) which I think is very important when it comes to makeup and lip products.

Have you tried these lip balms?


  1. These look lovely especially Blush Orchid I cant wait to try them!


    1. I definitely agree, it's a lovely shade x

  2. Ooo love the look of Sweet Violet!
    Can never go wrong with Burt's Bees.

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  3. I love all of them! The Pink one is my favourite though! ^_^


  4. I haven't tried these before but I have definitely seen them around everywhere. I'll definitely have to look into trying these out.
    Celina | The Celution | Bloglovin’

  5. Love Burt's Bees (: blush orchid looks very pretty!


    1. It's a lovely everyday shade x