I think that it's so important to look after your lips, especially in winter when the weather isn't on your side. I'f you're like me, an avid bold matte lip lover, you'll understand the importance of clean and pristine lips as well as that, most days I like something sheer on the lips and it's important that my lips are in a good, natural state to begin with. So over, it's important to have soft and nourished lips meaning that a good lip treatment is always handy, so when I received this, I was very intrigued. 

First impressions of this lip treatment is that it's very cute and dinky, so it's perfect to throw into your handbag when your in a rush, or leave on your bedside table for a late night pick me up. The fact that it's in a squeezy tube makes it so much more hygienic and fuss-free as it means that when you're out an about you don't need to bother with dipping your finger into a pot and then finding somewhere to dispose of the remains left on your finger. There's a slight scent, but nothing too overbearing or annoying to irritate you throughout the day. 

I make use of this product in my night time routine; I apply it just before bed and by the morning, my lips still feel hydrated and nourished, ready for the day ahead (and that bold lip). I don't tend to pop this in my bag unless I'm in dire need of it. If I am ever in that situation, I don't feel weary of wearing this out and about as it's just a nice thick and clear lip gloss which isn't sticky (no annoying hair in lip product). I'd definitely recommend this for those who have chapped lips or for this bad winter weather.

*Gifted PR Sample
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  2. Looks amazing x


  3. Love it! Looks great! :D