On boxing day, there were countless amounts of 'Beauty Sale Picks' flying around on the blogosphere and while reading posts I soon found out that Real Technique brushes were on sale and so I thought I'd pick up the Limited Edition Duo Fiber set as I've wanted these for a while, however I just have never picked them up. In the Feel Unique Sale, I managed to get 15% off as well as free delivery (gotta love it!). Whenever I see that something is Limited Edition, most of the time, I go and and buy it in a hurry as I get scared that I'm not going to be able to purchase it again other than Amazon/Ebay at extortionate prices. I've never heard a bad thing about Real Technique brushes and I think they're great value for money, knowing you're getting good quality brushes. In this Limited Edition set, you get three duo fiber brushes, working out to be around £8 per brush (RRP £23.99), which is pretty damn good. The three brushes within this set are a face brush, contour brush and eye brush.
Face Brush
I've come to the conclusion, that this brush is best for applying a powder to set your foundation or to blend in any excessive contouring/blusher. As the fibres on this brush are very sparse, there is no chance of overloading your face with product, leaving you with a nice, natural finish to the face which doesn't look cakey. I found this brush a dream to wash as it didn't take too long to properly give it a deep cleanse. The amount of time that it takes to dry is dramatically reduced than other brushes that I own as it has slightly less fibers. This brush is extremely soft on the face, even post cleansing it's good as new.
Contour Brush
I don't know about you but sometimes I can go a bit overboard with the whole contouring routine, I apply too much product which results in me having to do a whole lot of buffing to blend it in and normalise it. Having used this brush, it doesn't apply too much product to the face and it therefore effectively saves time and effort with regards to rectifying any mistakes made in the process of sculpting the cheek bones.
Eye Brush
In all honesty, when I was purchasing this collection online, I was most excited about the eye brush as I believe you can never have too many blending brushes and also the fact that this looks similar to the MAC 224 brush. However, when I eventually put this to the test, I was sadly disappointed. It doesn't apply or blend eyeshadow very well and it feels quite rough on the eyes. Isn't it ironic how the brush that I was most excited about, turns out to be my least favourite?

Have you tried these brushes? If so, what do you think?


  1. I got these for christmas and agree about the eye brush, I needed a few more blending eye brushes and was looking so forward to try it out. I find it doesn't load much product on your eye x


    1. I just thought it would be a tad more useful x

  2. I haven't tried these yet as I don't think I like the fact they are more sparse! I think I'll stick to my original Real Techniques brushes!

    Shelley xx

  3. I'm genuinely surprised that these are only £8 each, that is such good value! :)
    Eye brushes are my favourite brushes so it's annoying that this one doesn't live up to expectations. Great review though.
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  4. I'm still hesitant to get these. I literally own 12 other real techniques brushes and I never know wether these would be great additions to my set.
    After hearing your thoughts on the contour brush, I'm more convinced that I need them!
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