We've all been in the situation where you've stayed at a friends house after a big night out and in the morning following your late night, all you want to go is go home, have a nice bath and sleep for about 12 hours. I usually take some form of public transport, if I cannot persuade someone to pick me up which means that I have to look somewhat presentable and decent when in actual fact, I feel absolute crap. Here is my 'Pick Me Up' for the Morning After The Night Before, which will hopefully make you look and feel a lot better when quite frankly, you're probably feeling your worst.
If you've been out drinking all night, the first thing you need to is to have a glass of water, to restore your body of any lost fluids. This will not only help your body to recover faster, but it will also benefit your skin too, especially if you've slept in your makeup which is just a no go. 

I personally think that cleanser is an important factor, not just to cleanse your skin, but to wake you up and make you feel more refreshed, replenished and awake. I've actually got two options for this category; one for someone who wants to properly cleanse their face and the second for someone who wants a 'quick fix'. For the bona fide cleanser, my pick would be The Body Shop Seaweed Cleanser as it is the most refreshing cleanser, I ever used. I use this on a daily basis as it really wakes me up as it contains the apparent ingredient; seaweed. The lazier option is to use Bioderma which will efficiently remove any last traces of makeup as well as cleanse the skin in some way.

Toner & Moisturiser
On the subject of refreshing face products, The Seaweed Facial Toner is the most suitable choice as it continues the process of refreshing the skin, making you feel less tired and slightly more able to face anyone you may meet on the way. This will also present your skin better too, minimising any pores there may be. Onto the next topic of moisturiser, I personally would choose a light moisturiser, in the form of the Nivea Day Cream which is a nice light moisturiser, which doesn't need to be rubbed in too much. 

Touch Ups
The last step is the touch ups, the steps that take you from decent to presentable. This is the step that involves any form of makeup. I would just quickly pop on some mascara which adds length such as the Rimmel Glam Eyes mascara. You can't forget concealer, to hide your late night. I'd use my favourite concealer at the moment, which is the L'Oreal True Match concealer.

What are your late night pick me ups?


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  2. This post has helped a lot! Thank you so much for posting it. I have the Body Shop Seaweed Cleanser at the moment and I am quite in love with it and I'm thinking of purchasing the toner :)

    Lilian xo

  3. Great post! :D I love Bioderma it has really helped my skin and the whole process of removing makeup! :D