In my birthday/christmas wishlist, I included a Longchamp bag which I was lucky enough to receive for my birthday. I was torn between the fuschia, navy and the blueberry one. I eventually went for blueberry as it's different from the standard navy since it has a hint of purple to it. I opted for the medium size since I already own the petit one and this size is better suited for my DSLR. I have always preferred the short handles as it perfectly in the crook of my arm.

Firstly, I have the essentials which include phone, purse, keys and oyster card. I used to find it such a hassle using my long river island purse because when I needed change, it was annoying to fish out of my bag, so I recently started using this little purse from H&M for my coins to put an end to the annoyance. I have a Jack Wills card holder to house my oyster and gym card. I obviously have my keys which oddly have a whistle for a project I was doing sometime last year, I also have a pound holder for my locker pound for when I go to the gym. I also have my iPhone too, accompanied with my headphones to listen to my music when I'm en route.

Other than the necessities, I also carry around my fragrance for the day which happened to be Tommy Girl by Tommy Hilfiger. Another not-so kind of necessity are my prescription glasses because I need them after a long day for concentration, or to make me look more intelligent. When it comes to the makeup/beauty aspect, I don't carry too much with me because the majority of the time, I've done my makeup before leaving the house, however no matter where I go, I bring a lip balm with me, to keep my lips lovely and nourished as well as my choice of lipstick for the day. I do carry a powder with me to keep shine at bay throughout the day. You've probably noticed that I have Starburst because I'm completely and utterly obsessed with Starburst!


  1. Love your bag, the colour is so nice! The Bourjois Java Rice Powder is one of my faves right now (: x


  2. I Love your bag and River Island purse!


  3. gosh love your bag, i have been eyeing the h and m small purse for quite some time now but i think im finally going to get it, nice blog post !!

  4. I also carry babylips! such a nice colour, great post X