Recently, I was going through my makeup collection which made me realise that I had too many eyeliners than one person needs. In all honesty I don't know how I've accumulated such an unhealthy amount of eyeliners, especially when I get somewhat stuck in a rut and use the same eyeliners at one given time, depending on what I need. Here are some of the eyeliners that I've become accustom to and I've seemed to have abandoned the others for some time.

Gel: I absolutely love gel liners, and my first and only gel liner has been the Maybelline Gel Liner which I believe is great for beginners as it is easy to apply and rectify mistakes. It lasts a long time and doesn't wear off during the day. I really like throwing this in my makeup bag as it's petit and compact. I personally also use this as a primer under eyeshadow as it enhances the colour pay off. I also use this in the water line too and because it's somewhat waterproof and stays put. 

Felt Tip: I've been using felt tip liners for about a year now and I've dabbled in different brands and tip thicknesses, however my current favourite and 'go to' felt tip liner has to be the Collection Extreme Felt Tip Liner which has a fine, slim tip which makes winged liner easier to perfect as it provides lots of control. It's very pigmented and not stiff at all which makes the application even easier.

Pencil: I always have a pencil liner floating around in my everyday makeup bag as I like to apply it to my lower lash line to give it some more depth. I'm currently using the Jack Wills pencil liner which is really pigmented and has a nice waxy formulation so it doesn't pull on the eye.

Liquid: I've backed down on the liquid liner as I've been reaching for my felt tip liners more, however I've been going back to the Collection Fast Stroke liner for about three years despite having tried many others. It has a very wet formula which is easy to work with as it too has a fine tip. It's amazingly inexpensive too.

Gel Pencil: As much as I love a good gel liner from a pot, I like the convenience of a gel liner in pencil form. I actually got this Avon Supershock one from a magazine a couple issues ago. I love how easy on the eye and pigmented it is. My only negative is that it doesn't last long because it cannot be sharpened. 


  1. Gel eyeliner is my favourite, I have one from 17 and it lasts absolute ages!
    Maya xo


  2. I love felt tip liners because they're so easy to use but I really want to try a gel liner - they always look so intense and black when they're on but I don't know if I'll find it tricky to apply! xx


    1. There are always brown gel liners, and when I first used a gel liner, I didn't find it very hard at all x

  3. I've yet to try a gel liner, but I've heard pretty good things about the Maybelline one (: it's def the one I'm going to go for when I get round to it! x


  4. Liquid can be so tricky since you have to wait for it to dry before blinking! So I entirely agree with you about felt tips being a go-to. Great post! xx