Over the past year or so, BB and CC creams have been a hit on the blogging scene. Before this, I had never tried neither of them, so when I received the Cover FX CC cream, I was so excited as it meant that I could see what all the hype was about. I can safely say, that I'm now officially on the BB/CC cream bandwagon...next up DD creams (going through the alphabet!).

Cover FX CC Cream Time Release Tinted Treatment* |$45 | Link
A CC cream is a colour/complexion correcting cream which is similar to a BB cream, however it focuses on the colour correction aspect. It is primarily meant to counteract colour-related skin problems and like a BB cream, has an SPF in it too. CC creams are supposedly good if you are prone to acne, have dark spots, dull skin or constant redness or sallowness. CC creams are also slightly lighter than a BB cream too.

The Cover FX CC cream treats, corrects and protects the skin with "time-released anti-aging treatment". The SPF prevents sun sensitivity. There are also wrinkle-benefits which add to the anti-aging aspect which acts continuously for 8 hours. Hyperpigmentation is significantly reduced which prevents future discolouration and as well as an SPF there is a built in primer too.

When I first tried this product, I found the consistency was really nice, not too runny that it would slip off the back of your hand.  I really like how light coverage it is as I don't need a high coverage foundation, however I applied another layer of foundation and found that it was a nicely buildable foundation which doesn't look cakey, it just further covers any problem areas. Even if it is a shade too light or dark, you can definitely work with it as it's such a light coverage foundation, and as long as you blend it in properly, with either your fingers or a brush, will look really nice and natural. The finish of the product is between a matte and duey; if you want matte finish, you can just apply a powder. The colour range is quite vast and there's options to pick the undertone that it correct for you. I like the fact that it doesn't have a pump and that it's a squeezy tube as it means that you can control how much product you want, whether you want more or less, so that there's no product wastage. 

As for the skin benefits, I noticed that my skin was a lot more even when using this product, my skin still looked radiant, healthy and smooth, with very few problematic areas. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who is looking for a light coverage foundation despite the fact that they may have some skin issues. Even if you don't have any of the problems listed above, it's still a great product.

Have you tried a BB/CC Cream?

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