Happy Valentine's Day! I hope you're all having a lovely day whatever you're plans for today are; whether you're spending the day with a a loved one, your friends or just a quiet night in with a movie! I've spent the day studying and soon I'll be getting my gladrags on to head into London to see Endless Love and then having a lovely dinner with some of the girls and maybe having a cheeky shop while I'm at it! Since It is Valentine's Day today, I thought I'd condense some of my favourite lipsticks and nail polishes to achieve the perfect red lips and tips. To accompany my lovely lips and tips, I'll be sporting my current favourite fragrance which is the Chloe Signature EDP* which is such a pretty and light floral scent. It has a lovely lingering aspect to it as well which adds to the lovely perfume. 

Left-Right: MUA Brooding Plum, Rimmel 01, Bourjois Red Sunshine, Maybelline Candy Apple, Rimmel 22, Essie Hip Anema, MUA Scarlet Siren, MUA Red Drama, YSL Rouge in Danger, OPI Red Lights Ahead Where, Maybelline Downtown Red, Maybelline Power Red, Rimmel 107, Bourjois 22.

Since gathering some of my red lippies, I've come to the realisation that I have an abnormal amount for one person with only one set of lips, however I'll probably wear Diva by MAC with the MUA lip liner in Brooding Plum with Burgundy Kiss by Maybelline, I think they'll make the perfect dark lips and tips combination; I might even sport a subtle smokey eye too!

What are your plans for Valentine's Day? What lips and tips will you be rocking?


  1. you have such a lovely collection! I love the MUA lipsticks and they're so cheap! x

  2. They all look lovely, my fav is the Rimmel 107 :) xx