Valentine's Day is rapidly approaching; for some it's a fun and romantic day to spend with a special loved one and for others, it's just a standard day with normality. So for those of you, like myself who are not celebrating Valentine's Day with anyone, you can too take from this post and treat yourself (remember you don't need to buy something for anyone else so buy something for yourself!) and those of you lucky enough to be in a relationship, hopefully there's something here that you'd want to purchase for your loved one. I've picked out a few things for both him and her that may be of interest to you, so enjoy and get shopping!

 Gucci Guilty EDT For Men | Fragrance Direct
Fragrances are a really great gift for someone, I personally never buy my own, I always ask other people for them as they can be ridiculously priced. Gucci Guilty was very popular last year. This one is a really masculine and musky scent with a touch of sweetness to it which I think is a really nice combination.
Gift Card For His Favourite Shop
Sometimes it's the little things that men want. You seriously can't go wrong with a gift card, as it allows them to choose something that they want. Everyone has their own preferences but Jack Wills, Urban Outfitters and Topshop are probably the most popular. If they can't always afford to shop in certain shops, then this is a lovely little gift.
Admittedly, you wouldn't automatically assume men would want jewellery as it's not the typical cliches however men are just as entitled as women are. If your man has his ears pierced, why not chose some nice studs or a nice simple band for him. Masculine bracelets are great too. Remember, it doesn't have to be all fancy and expensive, sometimes cool cultural jewellery is greatly appreciated too.
Every male I know loves some form of technology, if they're very into photography, then why not get them a camera, to capture some of your precious moments with them. If they already have a camera, why not buy them a lens as those of you who have DSLRs know that they can be very costly pieces of equipment.

Chloe Original EDP* | Fragrance Direct
In all honesty, perfume can be a tricky one as everyone likes different scents however the original Chloe perfume is one of my all-time favourite scents and as it's nice and lightly floral however being an Eau De Parfum, has a nice lingering aspect to it. This scent is neither mature or girly, somewhat in the middle - This fragrance as well as many others can be found on Fragrance Direct at discounted prices.
YSL Lipstick | House of Fraser
One of the nicest types of presents you could get a woman is something they would want but for whatever reason would never buy themselves however would like to receive, even if they're not a beauty obsessive. If they wear makeup, I'm sure they'd very much love to receive. You cannot go wrong with a good YSL Rouge Volupte Shine lipstick, as it's a very versatile product.
Essie Nail Polish | Boots
You really cannot beat a good Essie Nail polish, this is for the nail lacquer lover. Even if someone isn't into their dark and bright shades, you can most definitely opt for a nice natural shade such as Fiji which is a lovely shade which compliments any skin tone. The cute seasonal duos which are a cute little extra present for someone on Valentine's Day.
Penhaligons Candle | Penhaligons
I personally love candles and I've always got one burning (there's one burning right now) and I've never come across a candle as nice as those from Penhaligons. Slightly cheaper than Diptyque but the even unlit, you can smell the beautiful scent. When lit, it's like being in Heaven.
I think everyone loves some form of jewellery whether it be an simple understated bracelet or a pretty statement necklace. It all depends on the individual. I personally love to buy my jewellery from Earnest Jones, H Samuel and Goldsmiths however there are some lovely independent jewellers especially in London.

What have you bought your other half for Valentine's Day?


  1. Great picks! The perfume looks lovely and the sparkly nail varnish! :)

  2. Great post xo


  3. Great picks! I always go the the YSL counter and swatch their lipsticks but never buy any - I can't justify it to myself! I dream of a day when all my lipsticks could be from YSL and Chanel *sigh* haha.