When I almost came to the end of my trusted L'Oreal True Match concealer, I thought it was time that I tried a different concealer to see if it matched up to my staple L'Oreal concealer. There's been a lot of hype about the 'creamy concealers' and everyone seem to love the Bobbi Brown and the Nars creamy concealer, however I thought I'd try something different in the form of Illamasqua. I've never tried any base products from Illamasqua before so I was very intrigued about their concealers.
Illamasqua Concealer | £13.00 | Link
The Illamasqua concealer is supposed to "cover blemishes and problem areas to create beautiful skin that feels smooth and looks flawless" and it's apparently good if your being filmed or photographed as it has been " tested under the harsh lights of film sets" and is "guaranteed to keep your secrets and let you take centre stage". 

When I first used this product, I was quite disappointed, because the product was so stiff and hard to work with which made it very hard to blend, whether it be with a concealer brush or with my finger. I then really cheekily, put it near my radiator in hope that it would soften it in some way to make it a lot easier to work with. I obviously didn't want to melt the product, just to lessen it a bit, and it worked; it's now easier to pick up the product and a lot easier to blend it in, even with my fingers. After somewhat radiating the product and using it a few more times, I found that even after a few days it's still very easy to work with and I don't need to continue to radiate it.

I really like the sleek and shiny black packaging with the embossed Illamasqua logo. There's a nice amount of product in there too with a mirror to have a closer view of the job in hand. When the actual product is that when applied, it is a nice medium coverage, that can be built up to provide a higher level of coverage and pigmentation. It's easy to blend and if you go a shade lighter, can also be used to subtly highlight the skin, giving naturally looking flawless skin. After a long 8-10 hour day of wearing this concealer, it still doesn't crease (when powdered over). Overall, I really like this product and I'd definitely recommend it if your looking for a medium-full coverage concealer, which is considerably heavy duty but works very well.

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  1. I haven't tried an illamasqua product before. Thanks for the review, the concealer sounds great, xoxo.