I recently got the opportunity to review a personalised phone case from Mr NutCase, a company which specialises in personalised phone cases for a variety of different brands and phone models. I've always liked personalised phone cases as they're very unique to the owner. 

I decided to get the Ultra Light Weight SlimLine case with an arrangement that would neatly fit 8 pictures because I didn't want too many because I wanted to be able to see them clearly. I decided to go for pictures which meant something to me and The service was impeccable! I kid you not, I ordered this with no difficulties and the phone case was despatched within the same day and I receive it the very next day! I've not received service like that in a long time! I also got a free screen protector for liking their Facebook page! So a thumbs up all round!

The first is a picture of me in my younger years which I thought was very cute and it reminds me of when I was a young and innocent child. Next up, I have a picture of the Love Lock bridge in Paris because I absolutely love it there and everytime I go to Paris, I always visit that beautiful bridge. Further down, is a selfie I took one day when I was bored because I really like the makeup I wore. The next two are really personal and mean a lot to me. The one on the left is a photo of me and my grandad when I was little and he next is a photo of some of my family and I on my confirmation. I then have a photo I took whilst in the Cotswolds, an amazing place to go for a break in the countryside and below that is a photo of me again. To the right of those, I have a picture of the makeup I wore on my birthday because I had such a great night and I'm obsessed with makeup!

The case itself is a very sturdy and practical case for someone like me who doesn't drop their phone very often. As it's the slimline one, it fits perfectly on my phone unlike my previous case which was a bumper and quite bulky. I was expecting a plastic case with the photos on a plastic print however I was pleasantly surprised with that fact that it was more of an oil cloth which in my opinion is better because then the photos won't fade as quickly because it's printed on material. Overall, I'm really pleased with how this case turned out, I'll definitely purchase another one when I want another one!

What do you think about my new phone case? Would you get one?


  1. That's such a cool little case! Would be a lovely gift for a family member.

    Phoebe-Cate x

    1. I agree, it would make such a lovely little gift x