Every year, I find myself buying a new pair of shades. I've never spent a silly amount as of yet because I'm still trying to figure out the style that suits me to a tee. Last year, I bought a pair of Snooki Revoloution glasses which had much bigger squared frames which suited me relatively well. On a recent shopping trip with the girls, my friend Sarah, was trying on some sunglasses and I happened to join in as a joke thinking that none of them would suit me however, she handed me these and to my surprise, they actually suited me quite well.

The sunglasses in question are from H&M and they are plain black rounded frames with an ombrè purple lens. Whilst I was in the queue I noticed that there was this black case with a similar texture to Saffiano leather. I love how these just fit perfectly into my bag as they’re so small and the case is nice and compact. I think these will be perfect in the summer when I go to festivals and barbecues as I won't be too annoyed if they get lost or broken.

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