Fairly recently, I posted a photo on Instagram about my favourite page/slide on my phone. On it was everything blog related including a folder with my own blog and blogger app as well as some of my favourite blogs and those that I have just started reading. I absolutely love this page as I often get public transport, so when I'm on en route, I like to catch up on all my favourite fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogs. You'll see a recurring pattern that the appearance of blogs and photography play an important part just as much as good content.

Style the Natives: Charly has such a lovely and unique blog; from the blog design itself, to the great content, incorporating fashion and lifestyle together. I thoroughly enjoy reading her insights on her different experiences as well as her more recent interior design posts as they've been developed. STN is a great blog full stop.

Shirley's Wardrobe: When it comes to Shirley's blog and the outfits on it, I'm completely shocked by what she incorporates. 9/10 times, I would never have picked out what she has but she puts it together so well. I love finding new ways to put outfits together and branch outside my comfort zone, as it's easy to get stuck in a rut.

The Fashion ByBel: Carli has such a lovely, clean and pristine blog. I love the template as it's so sleek and clean cut (if that makes sense). The incorporation of fashion and beauty is great and the photography for her fashion posts are amazing as well, the lovely but natural background allows Carli and her amazing outfit to stand out.

ICovetThee: Alix always integrates amazing products on her blog. Whenever I watch one of her videos or read a post, I always end up adding something to my wish list. Her simple but effective photography is lovely too. Alix always comes up with great post ideas. Her simplistic blog enhances the effort and great content.

HelloOctober: Suzi never fails to amaze me with her blog; The great concoction of beauty and fashion is amazing. I enjoy Suzi's fashion posts as they are so simplistic but lovely and they're right up my alley (If I owned an alley). I really like her minimal makeup ideas too as they're great for an everyday look with a bold lip!

ViviannaDoesMakeup: Since Anna posts everyday...yes 7 days a week, I'm never without a good read while I'm en route. She never disappoints and I always get great blogging ideas from her. The photography is amazing and she has a way of making me want everything that she mentions, I'll never get enough of the VDM blog!

Lily Pebbles: Lily also blogs everyday, and I always read her blog in the mornings as they're scheduled nice and early. I love her edits, especially the ombre nails posts as they're such a cool ideas. She also always has a great range of makeup on her blog too, making me want to add to my ever growing makeup/skincare stash!

LianaBeauty: Amelia always has amazing post ideas which give me post inspiration (postsperation?) for my blog. She too also has amazing edits, that I personally would never have thought of doing. I especially love her 'style me' fashion posts! She also knows how to rock a good smokey eye too!

CoutureGirl: If you're looking for amazingly detailed reviews and content, CG is the blog you want. Kayleigh's blog will make you wanting everything she mentions (must be a blogger trait) as her great content is also supported by her pretty photos of gorgeous products.

BellesBoutique: Laura has an amazing blog, nice and pristine. Laura posts very often, her pictures are lovely and clear, so you can see all of the incorporated products. Her reviews are nice and detailed, but it's a nice and easy read, something you could read whilst on the train.

ETC LLY MLRS: Lily has a really nice blog with clear photos which amplify the products. Lily has greatly detailed reviews. If she is reviewing a product in different shades, she shows all of those different shades. She has a really nice style too, and I love reading her fashion posts on her fashion blog.

The Last Souvenir: Katie has such simple but effective photos. I love reading her reviews and especially her lifestyle posts. I really like her blog layout too. She includes beauty photos which intensify the lovely photography.

GlamBeautys: I really enjoy reading Liza's blog, she really knows how to put an outfit together and I really adore her parenting posts too (I'm not a parent, but I still enjoy them). Liza's tutorials and reviews are greatly detailed too and I love watching her youtube videos.

Katherine-Louise: Katherine's blog is so well put together. Katherine is primarily a makeup artist, however I love how she unites fashion and beauty together. I love reading her posts and her photography is oh-so beautiful as it's a unique way of showcasing both beauty and fashion.

Sweet Heart Sweet Mind: Laura has a lovely blog with greatly detailed reviews and clear photos to show off the pretty products. So if you're looking for a good review with pretty and evident photos, Sweet Heart, Sweet Mind is definitely a good'en.

TheSundayGirl: Adrienne has such a beautiful and simplistic blog. I have difficulty writing a few times a week, however Adrienne posts a few times a day...and no you didn't read that incorrectly. She has beautiful reviews and content. I'm constantly mind blown by each post that is posted.

RosyChicc: I only recently discovered RosyChicc, but I enjoy reading it. Andrea has such a pretty blog, shes has such pretty photos to accompany her greatly detailed content. Andrea always features great products on her blog with great reviews which (again) always make me want to go out and buy some of the products.

Lipstick With Some Sunshine: I love reading Tammie's blog when I'm on my travels, it definitely makes the journey go a lot quicker. Reading LWSS is such a well concocted blog. I love getting fashion ideas from Tammie as we both have a love for all things monochrome. LWSS has great photography, so beautifully clear.

Cosmetic Crave: Ever since finding Hannah's blog, I've been an avid fan, she holds a great service for bloggers to write for her blog, which I've also done. Hannah has great clear photos as well as great content of course.

Do you like this little feature on my phone? Who are your favourite bloggers?

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