I never really used to be a fan of nude nail polish, I didn’t see any point of it and I was a lot more interested in pretty bold red and pink nail polishes and if I was feeling brave the odd purple or navy. However recently, I’ve really been enjoying naturally nude nail polish and here’s why…

#1. Looks Healthier
Wearing natural nail polish makes it seem as though your own nails are naturally healthy. The pinky/peachy undertones really even out the natural tone of your nails and in some ways nude polish can really make your hands seems longer, which personally is no problem for me (piano fingers) but for those who think their hands looks short and stubby, can take advantage of this.

#2. It Can Go With Any Outfit
There’s not always enough time during the day to be changing my nail polish to co-ordinate with my outfit and sometimes when I don’t, I get annoyed that the colour of my nail polish, horribly clashes with the colour of my top. Nude nail polish goes with any outfit perfectly which means there’s no need to change it.

#3. You Can Wear It At School
When I was at school, we weren’t allowed to wear nail polish. Being a nail polish fiend, it was crucial that I somehow bent the rules a little bit; by wearing nude nail polish, my nails still looked really nice, however didn’t catch the attention of the teachers.

#4. You Don’t Notice Chipping
It may sound ridiculous but chipped nails can really put a dampener on my mood because I don’t like the thought of having my hand on the train bar and someone looking at my chipped nails. With nude polish, it is a lot less noticeable to the eye and if you’re a little laid back when it comes to repainting your nails, nude is the way to go as it looks better for longer!

#5. Looks Really Sophisticated
There’s something about nude nail polish that has a touch of elegance to it. Maybe it’s the natural appearance. I love how nude nail polish can look great whether for both every day wear and going out looks too.

My current favourite nude nail polish is Essie’s Limo-Scene which is a gorgeous pale nude. What’s your favourite?

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