I’m not usually one to whack on eye-catching jewellery such as a gorgeous statement necklace, I like to keep my jewellery very minimal, understated and simplistic. I don’t usually wear a lot of jewellery, usually just earrings and a ring or two; however recently, I’ve been really enhancing an outfit by pairing with a few pretty pieces of jewellery.

I have six ear piercings which can mean I have a lot of jewellery on my ears, I don’t tend to change my cartilage piercing all that often as it’s just a plain silver bar and my third lobe piercing is still healing so that hasn’t been changed either. My two lobe piercings are the ones that change the most. I love plain diamante studs for my second lobe piercings as their so small and pretty and for the first lobes, I’ve really been enjoying wearing these silver knotted studs from H&M as they look perfect for both day and night.

I’ve really been alternating between two necklaces too. When I wear a nice shirt or if I’m wearing something really bright and crazy on the top half, I love wearing my gold bar necklace from ASOS as it doesn’t take the limelight from the rest of the outfit, yet still adds its own little touch. For those days when I’m wearing a simple outfit, I love to opt for this bent gold bar from H&M as its slightly thicker and balances out the simplicity of the outfit perfectly.

As I previously said, I don’t wear rings that much, however recently on a more or less everyday basis, I’ve jumped on the bandwagon of midi rings and I love the fact that these from H&M are different sizes which means you can mix and match them and I think that they look so cool on! I am currently on the hunt for the ultimate anklet (which is proving difficult due to my bigger than average ankles) however I’m obsessed with this Shamballa esc threaded one which I picked up from Cuba a couple years ago.

What are some of your favourite pieces of jewellery?

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