Revlon Parfumerie Nail Polish, £6.49, Link
Ever since I was a young girl, about three or four years old, I’ve always had a fixation with nail polish and I would always paint my mum and Nan’s nails and family members would pass down their nail polishes that they no longer wanted. You can probably tell that I have tried my fair share of nail polishes from a number of various different brands and I have never come across a scent nail polish, so when Revlon came out with one of their latest launches, I was all for it.
For me, my favourite part is the packaging of the product; I love how vintage it looks with the round lid with the square bottle. The only downside with the round lid is that people like me (with long fingers) can find it quite annoying after a while. The brush itself isn’t one that I would usually go for as it’s quite small and unlike Essie nail polishes, isn’t fanned. Despite the brush, it still makes for an easy application. The formula of the product is less thick than I’d initially like (again referring to Essie) however if you apply just the right amount, it makes for a precise and professional application. This nail polish lasts for a good three to four days with minimal chipping when I’ve applied a top coat.

I really like the colour range of the Parfumerie collection as there are twenty shades all across the colour spectrum ranging from purples to greens, to reds and pinks and all in between. As for the supposed main attraction for this nail polish, the scent is noticeable when the nail polish has dried, and ginger melon has a nice sweet scent to it. I tend to apply a top coat when doing my nails and this can mean that the scent is a lot less noticeable. For me, I don’t really mind whether my nail polishes have a scent or not, I’m more interested in the colour range and formulation of my nail polish.

Have you tried these nail polishes? What do you think?

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