I’m that sort of person who gets stuck in a rut reading the same blogs day after day. Now I don’t get bored of reading the same blogs as they’re more like blog staples that I love to read knowing that I’ll get great content. In the mornings, when I’m getting ready, I always get my internet tabs ready for intense reading, here’s the low down; Vivianna Does Makeup, Lily Pebbles, Amelia Liana, Hello October and last but not least Belles Boutique; and yes, I read them solidly one after the other (I do read other blogs too, just not on a consistent daily basis). I also have a look through  #bbloggers and #fbloggers on twitter and have a nosey at different blogs, however recently I have found four new blogs that I’ve been completely and utterly obsessed with!

Being a beauty blogger myself, I tend to be more attracted to beauty blogs, and fashion blogs don’t tend to have the same effect on me, however Jazmine’s blog called Jazzabelle’sDiary really left me feeling inspired in a fashionable way as opposed to a beauty way. I love the way that she puts outfits together as she combines pieces really nice basics with items that I personally probably wouldn’t pick out myself, yet by the time I scroll down the post, I’m already left wanting the piece that I wouldn’t have classed as ‘me’ beforehand. Funnily enough I have another fashion blog I’ve been so into lately called The Little Magpie which is run by Amy. Now when it comes to fashion, I’m more of a basics girl who incorporates fun little pieces to make the look more interesting, however Amy has a way of incorporating gorgeous basics with a more urban/grungy twist.

Now onto the beauty blogs, now I had actually heard quite a lot about these two blogs before they had become my regular reads. The first is by Laura who owns the infamous BuyNow Blog Later blog. I really enjoy reading not just her beauty posts, but also her lifestyle posts as her travelling posts also give me ideas and are also a contributing factor to my ever-growing list of places to visit. Last but not least is the blog called Bonjour Luce, which is written by Luce (obviously) who not only writes fantastic beauty posts and edits, but also fantastic elements of lifestyle as well and Luce always has fantastic beauty recommendations too!

What blogs do you love to read?

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