I’ve recently gotten a few new sunglasses that I’ve been wearing non-stop since the sun has made an appearance. As I mentioned in a previous post about sunglasses, I usually get a new pair every year however this year, I broke the trend, despite the fact that I am in no way a sunglasses fiend. So I have three sunglasses of different colours that will go with any outfit and colour combination. 
Cat eye sunglasses are really on trend this season and there are so many various brands offering their take on these amazing classic 1960s sunglasses. This pair in particular is from Jeepers Peepers*. I really like them in black as it continues with the classic appearance. I really like the silver bow hardware as it makes them look a little more fun and modern (something like ‘Business in the front and a party in the back’ aspect). I think the cat eye is really flattering on most face shapes and looks very feminine. 
I finally got a pair of Rayban sunglasses. I didn’t purchase them sooner as I felt that they didn’t suit my face shape until I came across this pair which is slightly wider and they’re not obviously Rayban with the silver hardware on the front (my pair doesn’t say Rayban on the lens as mine are prescription) however they have the infamous ‘Rayban’ sign on the arms of the sunglasses. I’m not normally one for tortoise effect sunglasses, but I really like these because as they’re not black, they are less harsh on the face.

The final pair is a much lighter tortoise shell effect again from Jeepers Peepers*. I personally think that this is a really cool pair as they are nicely oversized which again, really flatter the face. The arms of these sunglasses are really unique and add more character to the frames. I really like the ombre purple lens too.

What sunglasses will you be rocking this summer?

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