I’ve now officially finished! I actually had my last exam on Friday. I’ve never written a bucket list before so I thought it was about time that I started as this will most probably be the longest summer I’ve had and I have a list of things that I want to do this summer. Until now, there was something along the lines of a to-do list on one of the notes on my phone, so let’s go.

Travel More
I’m such a travel fiend and I love going to different countries exploring different cultures and seeing how other people live and whatnot. Although I’m not planning on leaving Europe this summer, for some reason I really want to visit Amsterdam or Brussels as they seem like really cool places to visit. Of course I want to go back to Paris again this year as it’s just a beautiful city and is very much like London, but in Paris and has a slightly different atmosphere!

Explore London More
Although I live in the beautiful capital that is London, I don’t really take time out to truly appreciate anything other than the best shopping opportunities in the infamous Oxford Street. I’ve already started to explore London more as on Friday, I went down to South Bank in London with some of my friends and had drinks on the Thames (it was okay, the tide was low) and had a lovely meal. I really want to go to some more expeditions and museums as well as a few landmarks (I’ve seen more of Paris than I have on London). I need to have a cheeky ride on the Boris bikes too as I’ve never done that yet, in the 4 years they’ve been here for.

Be More Spontaneous
I’m not very spontaneous, I’m somebody who likes structure and if when I’m meeting someone I want to know what where we’re going, what we’re doing and what time I need to be there at. I really want to make a conscious effort at being less controlling and “just go with it”. I really like the idea of just hopping on a train to Brighton whenever the weather is nice or going to Manchester or Liverpool (two cities I’ve never been to but I really want to).

Document More
Back in December I got the Canon 700D for my birthday, I absolutely love snapping away with it, however I primarily use it for my blog photos and whenever I go travelling mainly because it can be a pain to carry around. However, I’m going to definitely bring it with me regardless of where I’m going and what the plans are because the impromptu moments are the ones that tend to need be captured.

Write More
Now that I have all of this time do what I want to do, I can now write a lot more. I’m aiming to write every day without scrimping on quality. I’m actually really excited to write more and to switch up my content a bit more and include more fashion and lifestyle posts.

What’s on your bucket list?

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