I don’t know about you, but between Monday to Saturday, I like to make sure that everything is done and up to date, whether it be a piece of coursework or a few blogposts for the following week so that I can have one day to do whatever I choose including seeing my family as well as getting ready for the week ahead and there are a few things that I like to make time for on a Sunday.

Painting Nails

If I’m particularly busy throughout the week, I just never seem to find the time or the energy to whip out my nail polish remover and nail polishes etc. to do the whole shindig, I’d much rather watch the latest episode of TOWIE or Made In Chelsea. So on Sunday, I allow about an hour and a half to do it properly, cuticles and all so that my nail polish lasts relatively well throughout the week.

Cleaning Brushes

As much as I absolutely despise this task as much as the next person, it has to be done. I love the feeling of newly cleansed brushes when applying my makeup the following day (I spot clean during the week). I also find that this majorly reduces the task in hand as opposed to thoroughly cleaning my brushes once a fortnight/month as there tends to be an unenviable build-up of brushes, so a small amount more frequently is a lot more manageable.

Catch up on TV/Reading

Okay, so I don’t always need to catch up on TV as I’m usually relatively up to date in the department, but when it comes to reading, that’s where I’m at. I’ve never been an avid keen reader, when I was in school, I would skip pages and so forth however nowadays, I’ve delved into the book world however I don’t have time to read during the day, and sometimes before I go to bed, I’m way too tired to even consider reading, so Sunday is when I can really get stuck into a good book.

Have a Good Soak

I’m very much a shower girl through and through however every now and again, it’s nice to have a relaxing bath to unwind and to just have some down time. This also helps me to sleep better during the night especially when I get into some clean pj’s!

Plan For The Week Ahead

I’m that sort of person who likes to know what’s happening, when it’s happening, the time it’s happening and who’s going to be there because in that respect, I like control of what I’m doing otherwise I tend to get in a bit of a muddle and it’s one of the things that really annoys me. I have three different books that help me compile and departmentalise aspects of my life; I have a notebook for notes on upcoming blog posts and two diaries; one for my work stuff and another for my blog to plan when posts are to be uploaded.
What do you like to make time for on a Sunday?

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