The Body Shop BB Cream, £12.00, Link
If you are an avid reader of my blog, you will most probably know that in the summer, I like to have really minimal makeup which means I go really neutral on the eyes and the base and have a pop of colour on the lips to tie the look together. Recently, I’ve been trying out a BB cream, which is a first for me as I have only ever tried a CC cream. As soon as I heard Zoe mention this in one of her vlogs, I immediately went out the next day and bought it.

The BB cream in question is The Body Shop All-In-One BB Cream which is a colour adapting one which made me even more intrigued. The BB cream itself is a white cream which has “pigment filled capsules [that] burst when applied to the skin” which then adapts to the colour of your skin, which I believe is true to a certain extent, despite the fact that there are four shades available. I would definitely say this BB cream is that of low coverage which is great for those who don’t want too much coverage. As there isn’t a great deal of coverage, I apply a concealer before the actual BB cream to cover up any under eye circles and blemishes as I still want a relatively natural look.

This product is perfect if you’re going on holiday or for a long weekend away as it’s very lightweight on the skin and doesn’t actually feel like you’ve applied a BB cream and looks very natural too. The packaging is really nice and slim so fits nicely into any makeup bag especially if you’re going away and want to really condense your makeup bag.

I would highly recommend this product especially if you’re starting out in makeup or if you just want a fantastic lightweight BB cream to try out.

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