Essie, Luxedo, £7.99, Link
As some of you may be aware, I have loved nail polish for the longest time. I love doing my nails and others too and since I've been obsessed with nail polish for over a decade, I've tried my fair share of nail polish from a variety of brands, formulas and price ranges. I shudder to think about the amount of nail polishes, I that have reached my fingertips over the years however I have never had a nail polish that has lasted an entire 14 days with no chipping whatsoever. 
For my prom, I picked bought an Essie nail polish especially for this occasion. It's a lovely deep and vampy purple that appears black in some lighting and is called Luxedo. Despite it being a rather dark lacquer,  I still believe it's quite sophisticated yet sultry. I chose Essie as I love their colour range and they have amazing formulas which are accompanied with a wide brush for precise application and you then get a glossy finish. 
I'm not normally one to keep the same nail polish on for two weeks as they've never lasted that long on me without chipping, which is something that I cannot stand and I get bored really easily. The only reason why I didn't change the colour prior to having it on for two weeks is as I was busy and they had not chipped yet. Admittedly I did have it on my toes, however I'm still extremely impressed that they looked so good for so long.

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