MAC Diva, £15.50, Link
Within the entirety of my makeup collection, I have more lipsticks than anything else due to a phase I went through and now, it’s safe to say… I’m obsessed. I’ve tried my fair share of lipsticks and have loved and loathed quite a few to the point where I’ve got six of the same lipsticks in different colours, so when I find one that I absolutely love to the point where I rave to everyone about it, I most definitely feel the need to share it.
The lipstick in question is from MAC in the shade DIVA. It’s a lovely vampy purple, reddy shade. Despite being quite a unique vampy colour, I still feel that it’s an easy to wear lipstick that can be worn at any time of the year. I tend to throw this on when I cannot be bothered to make an effort with my makeup or when I’m going out in the evening as it nicely ties a look together. I’ve found this lipstick is especially fantastic for a simple look such as lips and lashes. For a precise look, I use a lip liner which really perfects the outcome.

Despite this being a matte lipstick, it still doesn’t feel very matte on the lips yet still has a very matte appearance which is great as some matte lipsticks can be uncomfortable to wear. This is a fantastic lipstick to wear and I’ve persuaded many of my friends to buy this as it looks amazing on all different skin tones.

I would highly recommend this lipstick and I’ll definitely continue to repurchase this product. Have you tried this lipstick? What do you think? Are there any other MAC lipsticks that you’d recommend?

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