As you can most definitely see from the picture above, June has been a crazy month for both me and my blog! I finally finished my exams on June 13th and then the following Monday, I started writing on a daily basis which I absolutely love as I get to write a hell of a lot more than I used to.

Check out what was featured in May!
Find out about the product that got me through the exhaustion of my exams.
I’ve recently been trying out some new products which soon became some of my everyday makeup items.
I compiled what I hope to get up to this summer.
On the hunt for that summer glow? Well look no further.
Here are some sunglasses that I had been looking forward to wearing this summer!
New season, new clothes!
New season, new makeup!
Check out my makeup picks for summer!
My opinions on one of the latest Revlon launches.
My thoughts on a primer that hasn’t received much love in the blogosphere.
Since I’ve been wearing jewellery more, I thought I’d share some of my favourites.
I’ve had a fixation with nude nail polish and here are the reasons why.
This is the foundation that I’ve been obsessed with lately and makes a fantastic foundation for summer.
If you’re new to makeup or on the hunt for some new brushes, here are some of my favourites!
I’ve really been enjoying a few new blogs recently, so I gave you all the low down.
Find out about another great neutral palette added to the clan.

What has been your favourite post this month?

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