Estee Lauder Pure Colour Blush, £27.00, Link
Fairly recently, I’ve been into blusher a lot more than usual. I love the flush it gives to the cheeks. A while back, I picked up this Estee Lauder Blush and was relatively excited about trying it out. When it comes to Estee Lauder, I feel that they’re more renowned for their base products, such as foundations and concealers etc.
The Estee Lauder Pure Colour Blush in the colour #24, Naughty Satin is a pretty orangey coral blush, which is perfect for the summer. This blusher is incredibly pigmented and is the most pigmented blusher that I’ve ever used. Despite this, it gives a gorgeous natural finish when applied light handily to the face and is relatively long lasting. The packaging of this product is amazing of course and you get a lot of product, 7g to be exact and comes accompanied with a brush which to be honest, I’ll never use, but I’ll just keep it in there in case it comes in handy. The large mirror makes it really convenient for doing my makeup too which is why it now lives in my makeup bag not just for the amazing product.
I really love this blusher, and I’m definitely going to purchase more in different shades.

Have you tried this blusher? What do you think?

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