For those of you who don’t already know, I am such an organised person whether it be meeting up with some friends in which I need to know the time, date and what we’re doing or packing for a holiday. I absolutely love packing for holidays and I recently rediscovered something that may be of interest to those of you who like me, love the packing and organising hybrid.

When I pack for holidays, there’s always a clear PVC bag or two which I like to use to put makeup and cosmetics in because they’re easy to clean in the event of spillages. You may be familiar with this clear PVC bag above as it’s what I used to use to put my makeup in, however I’ve found an even better purpose which is also high on the practicality rank.

Whether you’re going on a beach holiday, a camping trip, skiing and all in between, this bag is such a good pick to opt for. It’s marginally waterproof, so I like to put any essentials in it; the first being the Simple Protecting Moisture Cream*which has an SPF of 30 as well as being UVA and UVB protective. Even if it’s not exceptionally hot, I still think a moisturiser with an SPF is key as it not only prevents wrinkles, but also reduces the risk of skin cancer. I also pop my Rayban sunglasses in there so that they don’t get wet or damaged at the bottom of my bag. Of course any electronics, in particular my iPhone so that if a drink spills in the bag, at least it’s protected from damage and so they’ll be no need for rice! To correspond with the phone, headphonesare a definite must for me especially if you’re lying down on the beach, however they have a tendency to get sprawled out all over my bag and get tangled around my keys, so I have thrown a hairband around it as it not only keeps them together but also provides a hairband for those times when your hairband breaks and it’s worse if your hair is looking far from presentable. I always bring some form of money with me whether it is a card or cash and last but not least a lip balm, preferably one that has an SPF as the lips can also get burnt too!

I love how versatile this little bag is and it’s also handy if you’re quickly going to the shops or if you’re changing your bag as you can just move the PVC bag rather than all of the individual items!

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