Being a beauty blogger, there’s a relatively constant flow of beauty products making their way in my basket. Regardless of whether I have five new products or fifty, there will always be some items that will always be repurchased as I cannot bear the thought of them being discontinued and not being able to get them again. Of course there will be dupes, but it would never quite be the same.

When it comes to my brows, I can be quite fussy, though I do still dabble and try different products; there are only two that I can truly rely on, whatever the weather. The first is actually the first brow product I ever used and it’s The Body Shop Brow& Liner Kit as it has the perfect shade for my brows and the shade I use also doubles as the ultimate smokey eye kit. For those days when I’m in a rush, I absolutely love the Sleek Brow Stylist which is handy for on the go as it has a spoolie and the product is in a petit retractable form which makes for a really natural and precise brow.

I’m in no way an expert at perfecting the ultimate winged eye on my own, so I need some guidance in the form of the Collection 24Hr Felt Tip Liner, it’s not too thin or too thick so it constructs the perfect wing and it’s easy to get a precise flick. There are lots of products like this out at the moment; however it’s definitely my favourite out of those that I have tried. With regards to mascaras, I very rarely repurchase the same one as there are so many out there that I want to try whilst on my hunt for the best mascara for me. One of two repurchased mascaras is the Rimmel Glam Eyes Lash Flirt  mascara as it’s perfect for lengthening, better than others that I have tried. I also have found that it’s equally as great for separating lashes too.

Lip products are another thing that I don’t really repurchase as there are so many different yet vaguely similar lipsticks however I did repurchase the Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick as it’s a gorgeous deep bold red lipstick with a long-lasting creamy consistency. On the subject of lipsticks I will be repurchasing my all-time-favourite lipstick; MAC’s Diva which is the most beautiful deep reddy/purple lipstick.

What product do you repurchase?

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