I'm usually bang on track with my monthly favourites and they usually go up before the end of that month. If you read my bedroom mood board, you'll be aware that I was redecorating my bedroom which is the reason as to why I've been slightly absent. Onto the favourites of the month, I've rediscovered a few goodies and low and behold, a skincare favourite which is a rarity for me as I tend to stick to what I know.

My skin has been playing up a bit lately, so I've tried my utmost best not to wear any base products which has been quite the task as I could really have done with a good foundation to hide my pesky little spots. For the times when I have worn a base, it has been The Body Shop BB Cream which is actually adapts to your skin tone. Being a very light coverage, allows my skin to breathe more and it looks really natural and dewy for a healthy glow.
On the subject of healthy glow, I have unexpectedly been loving the MAC Mineralise Skin Finish. I've had this product since late last year and I've only really gotten into using it as I think of more of a summer product for a bronzed glow. This product is a coppery toned highlight and it's so hugely pigmented that you only need the smallest amount and it creates the ultimate highlight that catches the light so beautifully.
Being  a hay-fever sufferer, I find it hard to wear eyeliner in the waterline and tight line without it ending up half way down my face an hour later. Recently I've been using the Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal liner as it's allegedly waterproof and stays put for the entire day. Although I still get some product at the corner of my eyes, it's barely noticeable to passers by.
I've been obsessed with two different nail polishes this month; the first being Luxedo from Essiewhich is a gorgeous deep sultry purple and I kid you not, it lasted fourteen days on my tootsies without any chipping. The latter being the Barry M polish in Coconut which I've been wearing on those days when I want a toned down white polish for a more subtle everyday colour.
When it comes to face masks, I usually opt for the ones in sachets that can be thrown away once it has been used however all too often, it would come to the point where I really needed a face mask, yet the cupboard was bare. I decided to go for the SImple Deep Cleansing mask as I really like Simple as a skincare brand in general especially as they focus on those with sensitive skin. This mask is the quickest mask and doesn't harden either which is great for me as I sometimes feel like it dries my skin out. This mask just leaves the skin looking and feeling really smooth and cleansed from all impurities.
My final favourite is a random one, which comes in the form of my blog, which is what you happen to be reading this very second. I started a new blog earlier this month and I absolutely love it! It's more the way I want it and I love writing and posting on here! Let me know what you think down below!
What has been your favourites this month

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