For a while now, I've been searching for some nice jewellery storage a while now going back and forth between jewellery boxes and stands etc. Whilst looking for some other bits and bobs for my new bedroom, I thought of getting some acrylic Muji drawers however i came across the Acrylic drawers from Homebase which are more narrow and better fitting for my jewellery. I also have a heart bowl which I picked up from Wilkinsons.

I'm still trying to figure out the interior for the drawers as my studs aren't in a convenient way but other than that, I'm relatively happy with it. The first drawer houses my necklaces and it works quite well as I don't have any statement necklaces to take up a lot of room. The following drawer is the messy drawer which has my multitudes of studs and a couple of watches. The last drawer has got some of my bracelets and anklets in. The ceramic white heart bowl contains my rings and the blue ring box has my belly bars in.

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