I'm not usually one for colourful eyeshadows, but I love a good palette. When this Anna Sui Eye Colour Palette* arrived, there was something about it that I immediately loved. The palette itself is gorgeous in my opinion with it's floral packaging. There is a range of 10 eyeshadows accompanied with a double ended applicator.
The eyeshadows are very pigmented and have a buttery texture, which helps it to blend out effortlessly. The thing I love the most about palettes is that you can create so many different looks with them and this palette does not disappoint. For an everyday look, I like mixing the second and eighth shades to achieve a lovely neutral eye and to amp it up a little bit, the sixth, eighth and tenth shades creates a lovely look to. In my opinion, the scariest thing about bright and colourful eyeshadows, is ending up look rather garish however the more colourful shades in this palette, can be easily toned down and blended out so that you can still enjoy the more 'fun' colours but in a very wearable way. There are no matte shades in this palette, they're either shimmery, satin or have glitter in them.
Descriptions from L-R: 1. An iridescent white 2. A satin peach 3. A shimmery mid toned pink 4. A mauve shadow with a purple undertone 5. A reddy brown 6. A dark bronze/brown 7. A shimmery lilac 8. A deep aubergine purple 9. A deep dragon green 10. A deep black with silver sparkles
I'm really pleased with this palette, there's so much variation and so much to choose from in this one gorgeous palette. 

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