I’ve now been blogging for over two and a half years and I can honestly say that it’s one of the best things I have ever chosen to do. For a while now, I’ve been going back and forth about whether to do this type of blog post, but recently I’ve had an urge, more now than ever before to do so.
Why Did You Start Blogging?
I started blogging for a number of different reasons, the main one being that at the time I started watching beauty videos and reading beauty blogs and this is when I really started getting into makeup and discovering some great finds. I wanted to tell a wider spread of people, other than my friends and I figured that this was the next best thing for me as I wasn't ready to delve into the world of YouTube. I didn’t have a hobby at this time, so any spare time I had meant that I could spend on my blog.

Do You Like Blogging?
No. I don’t like blogging, I love blogging. It has opened up so many doors, not just for my blog, but more importantly for me personally. I have something that I can constructively dedicate my time to and strive to make better as time goes on. I love how I can go to my first blog and read through the posts and just see how I have evolved and changed as a person, purely by the way I write.

What Are Your Views On Photography For Blogging?
I think photography plays a key part in blogging regardless of whether you’re blog is about beauty, electronics, food etc. I find that (especially using BlogLovin’) it attracts readers to your blog. Despite the level of importance that it plays, if you’re new to blogging, I would strongly disagree going out and investing in a camera and equipment straight away. Try it out and see how you go, because you may find out at a later stage that blogging isn’t for you. I invested in a DSLR when I had been blogging for just under a year; however it wasn’t a big deal for me if I suddenly didn’t like blogging anymore as I love photography regardless. If you truly love blogging for what it is, you’ll make do with what you’ve got. I started out using an iPad mini, a couple digital cameras and the phones to make do. With regards to lighting, I am soon going to invest in some studio lights however at the moment, I take my photos with natural lighting and sometimes I go outside (in the shade) for even lighting at all angles.

How Do You Feel About Publicising?
When I first started blogging, I didn’t let anyone know that I had done it, purely due to the fact that I myself wasn’t one hundred percent happy with the appearance of my blog as I was still learning how to tweak bits and bobs here and there. The only social networking platform I used was Twitter as I felt that it was less personal and less likely for those in my personal life to see that I had a blog. It was only until I had been writing for four or five months when I told people what I had been doing and that’s when I expanded where I share any post updates.

Nowadays, the main platforms I use are Twitter and Instagram as I take pride in what I do and I generally have an "I don’t care" attitude towards any deconstructive criticism. I do feel like you need to have a thick skin when you do anything that puts yourself ‘out there’ online whether it is blogging or vlogging. I have had my fair share of negativity regarding my blog, but I don’t really pay too much attention to it as I think about the people who have complimented my blog rather than those who take the time out of there evidently uninteresting day, to construct negative comments.

Do You Think I Should I start?
I think if you think that blogging could be for you or if you want to try something new; then go for it. No one can say, “yes, you must do this” however it’s a great way of having your own little space on the internet, which only you have control of what does and doesn’t get published. I think it’s great if you feel like in your day to day life, that you don’t have much space to yourself as this gives you an opportunity to have some virtual space.

How Do I Start?
Again, I wouldn’t recommend paying for any platforms if you’re new to blogging, on the off chance that you don’t like it. There are a few renowned free platforms such as Blogger and WordPress. I personally started off on Blogger (I’m now on a fee paying host which I really like) as it was all I knew at the time and I later heard that WordPress was very technically difficult as it consists of HTMLs and CSSs. I myself can decipher HTMLs having been on Blogger, but if I had started off on WordPress, I don’t know if I would have been able to do so.

Any Tips On Starting?
   The most important thing in my opinion is to write about what you love, not what you think is popular, at the time I started, I was really into beauty, so that’s what I wrote about. Even if you want to write about mechanics; what you will eventually find out is that there is an audience for every single category and interest. If you don’t have an honest interest in what you’re writing, people will realise it sooner rather than later and more importantly, you won’t enjoy it. It’s apparent that depending on what’s happening in your life could determine what you end up writing about.
   Use all of the social networking platforms that you can otherwise people won’t see your content that you have spent time and effort on creating. Don’t be ashamed or embarrassed to share with everyone what you enjoy doing.
   Don’t let anyone deter you from what you’re doing. I experienced this a few times throughout my rather short-lived blogging life. When people would mock what I was doing, for a split second or so I contemplated stopping, but DON’T.  I’m a firm believer of “First the laugh, then they copy” which proved to be true in one instance. From being ridiculed on twitter from some people I know, one of them ended up studying hair and beauty, which just goes to show. 

I hope this little guide helped you in some way! Do you have a blog? What are your tips on blogging?