Whilst I was in Central London, I thought I'd pop into the best Topshop ever and pick up a few bits. For those of you who haven't had the opportunity to have a cheeky look in this particular topshop, the beauty section consists of many other brands other than Topshop including Bourjois, Revlon, Daniel Sandler and more as well as the beloved Bubbleology.
Topshop makeup is primarily white packaging and their blushers have black spots on. When browsing the shelves, I noticed that there is different packaging for the blushes; one type has large sparse polka dots and the other has petite and dense polka dots. Let Her Go has the latter option, however if I'm honest, I prefer the larger pattern.

With regards to the blushers, there are two formulas; powder or cream to powder. The range of colours on offer are more peach and pink shades, so the colour range is quite limited. Let Her Go is somewhat in between. It's a lovely pink with a peach undertone and a hint of shimmer to it. The formulation is really soft and velvety. 

This looks absolutely gorgeous with a light coverage foundation/tinted moisturiser with a light application of the blusher with a shed load of mascara and a very fine lined wing and pretty coral lipgloss for the perfect natural makeup look. When applying this, I like to start further back of my cheeks and follow my contour for a more natural flush of colour.

Although this is one of my favourite makeup items, I'm still yet to delve into more Topshop makeup, so if you have any recommendations or have seen anything that looks particularly good, send the recommendations my way!

Have you tried Topshop blushes? What do you think about them?