Those of you who are beauty fiends like myself, may know about one of Rimmel’s latest launches; the Apocalips Matte Lip Velvet. I already own a couple of the original Apocalips, but I was very intrigued about the matte velvets because when I wear a bold lip, I prefer to have a bold matte lip as opposed to a bold glossy lip.

There are four shades in the new range, and I picked up Meteoric Matte, which seemed like the most ‘me’ colour. It’s a beautiful purple with pinky undertones, which makes for a nice hybrid of the two. This product glides onto the lips nicely and because of the shape of the doe foot applicator, makes more easy precision without a lip liner. Being a lip lacquer, it lasts a long time; I’d say a good three hours without top up and with eating and drinking in between.  Now although it’s said to be a matte velvet lacquer, it’s not fully matte but it definitely is that of a velvet finish. However if you were to blot your lips, it will not only increase the longevity of your lip product, but it will also diminish any shine.

I like to wear this with a very simple makeup, so that the lips are the main focal point. A flawless foundation, with a bronze eye, winged eyeliner and layers of mascara. A nice natural, but defined contour with this lip product creates a gorgeous look. Despite it being a rather bold lip colour, it looks and feels so wearable for both day and nighttime.

Have you tried these yet? What’s your verdict?

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