When it comes to nail polish, Essie are by far my favourite brand. The formula is pretty much unbeatable; a glossy finish and with a long lasting formula. The brush is wide which makes for a very precise and professional application. The beautiful arrays of colours are equally if not more so amazing, and you’ll definitely find a colour for everyone! Essie nail polishes retail between £7.99 to £10.95 depending where you go, but they are most certainly worth it! I recently picked up four new additions to my nail polish stash.
The nail polish that I was the most excited about was Luxedo which is a deep plummy purple shade and has absolutely no shimmer in it whatsoever. Mind Your Mittens is a beautiful navy blue with a tint of teal green. Belgugaria is a black nail polish with holographic glitter to give it a 3D texturized effect. Lady Godiva is a deep brown nail polish which depending on the lighting, determines how brown or black it looks.
Have you bought any gorgeous nail polishes recently?

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