December is by far my favourite month out of the entire year! For a number of reasons, one being that I love the colder months for sitting at home watching a box-set wrapped up warm in a duvet with a hot chocolate in my hand! Or going into Central to do my Christmas shopping and looking at the oh-so festive Christmas lights. The main reason why I love December is because on the 7th, it’s my birthday and I love the countdown to my birthday and obviously the day itself.
This year probably won’t be much fun on the actual day as I have mocks the exact day after but the following weekend should be pretty cool! The primary reason why most people enjoy December is for Christmas, which I love too, no Scrooge-ing around here! This year is going to be pretty low key this year but I’m kind of looking forward to it, as it’s not going to be like any Christmas I’ve had before! Finally New Year! I’m particularly looking forward to this year, I usually head into Central London and watch the fireworks, but this year’s looking slightly better, so fingers cross!

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