If you’re a devoted reader of my blog, you’ll know I’m not shy of a monthly favourites post featuring the beauty products that I’m loving throughout the month; however believe it or not, I do love things other than beauty products. Therefore, I figured I would round up some of my current non-beauty favourites!

As someone who wears a lot of black and white, I like to inject some colour into my outfit with the help of my shoes and accessories. These Khaki Converse make it so easy and simple to wear some colour also, it's not a colour that most people would think to wear. 
I've also been obsessed with the whole ripped jeans trend, although some of my friends don't get it (that's their prerogative!) but I love how you can dress it up or down by either pairing it with a pair of heels or converses and it just looks really casual and quirky.
My current favourite highlighter has been Global Glow by MAC which is utterly beautiful and catches the light beautifully! It'll look great on a range of different skin tones as it's not too orangey or silvery,  but instead is a nice light bronzy shade.
In the Winter my skin gets a lot more drier and dehydrated, so using the Sarah Chapman Skinesis Intense Hydrating Booster as it not only puts moisture and life back into my skin, but it also helps with my temporary scarring.
I very rarely tend to wear the same nail polish two or more time in a row, but recently, I've been rocking Lady Godiva by Essie a lot. It's a very nice deep reddy burgundy colour but it looks so sophisticated yet understated on the nails and can be worn with a pretty glitter too!
A couple months ago, I got my latest piercing to the clan, my tragus. It's finally all healed and I can now change the jewellery and I love the way it looks and adds a little something to my ear...obviously. 
Anyone who has me on Snapchat will know how much I love this app! Whenever I'm bored, it's one of the first apps that I go on to either post a ridiculous snapchat of myself or to see what everyone else is getting up to! 
I recently got some swanky new MUJI drawers and I've just been loving how much more organised my makeup has been since revamping my storage!

What have you currently been loving?

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