Instagram is most definitely one of my favourite social media accounts as I not only love having a nosey at what my friends are getting up to, but I love looking at the cool shots people have captured and the inspiration that’s shared whether it’s fashion, fitness or just a good ‘ol quote! As I love discovering a good instagram account I’ve whittled down some of my favourites for you in some of my favourite categories so be sure to check them out as I personally think they’re pretty awesome!
Fitness – Bradley Simmonds @bradleysimmonds
I actually met Bradley a few years ago at my best friends house (he’s good friends with her brother) and he’s a former Chelsea and QPR football player and is now a model and celebrity personal trainer, so you could say he knows his fair bit about fitness which is further iterated in his fitness videos showing his followers what his clients are getting up to therefore giving some ideas of different fitness routines.

Fashion – Hannah Crosskey @hannahcrosskey
I only discovered Hannah’s instagram a couple of months ago, but it became a firm favourite of mine, as I love her style! Fifteen minutes into reading her blog and I already ended up making a cheeky purchase because I loved the way in which she styled it! She has a way of putting things together that I wouldn’t think of putting together and it looks stunning! 

Beauty/Fashion – Tamira Jarrel @lipstickwithsomesunshine
I already mentioned Tamira in my 2014 favourites, as I absolutely love her blog and pristine photography. She always has great beauty pictures and her instagram is just a pure dream to look at! Tamira also posts fashion pictures too which I really enjoy her too as I admire her style too!

Photography – Chelsea White @chelseawhitephotog
If you’re a devoted reader to my blog, you’ll know that I absolutely love photography and I’m always finding ways to improve whether it’s going on a course or spending hours on end trying to get multiple good shots, so it’s to be expected that I’d follow a photographer. Chelsea’s instagram mainly consists of her latest shoots and since she’s a celebrity, fashion and children’s photographer I love getting inspiration as I’d like to start taking photos of actual people (not in a creepy way!) as opposed to just products as it’s something different and more challenging!

Fashion/Lifestyle – Claire Marshall @heyclaire
Claire’s blog is a beautiful grungy Instagram account posting everything from her fashion, to her travels and everything in between! There’s not much I can say because I’m left somewhat speechless with regards to her photos as they’re just absolutely amazing!

Travel – Ben Brown @mrbenbrown
When it comes to my favourite types on photos on instagram, I either like really neat and pristine or grungy and full of character! Ben’s instagram is the latter. I love how you can really see the essence of what he captures and his photos are just phenomenal and although it’s only a photo, you feel a sense of actually being where he’s photographed!

What are some of your favourite Instagram accounts? Pop your instagram name down below and If you’d like to check out mine, you can find me @lottiechristmas!